Monthly Archives: August 2012

Another Round of Temodar Completed

Thank heavens this round was not so bad; no picnic but compared to previous rounds, Gorman didn’t feel the side effects for as long, nor were they so severe.  The nausea and “chemo-head” still come and go but he’s doing pretty well.

We have a new primary care doctor and Gorman saw him yesterday.  I was determined that we would never ever go back to the doctor who told him for six months last year that the headaches, nausea and dizziness were caused by his blood pressure.  So we had to get started with a new doctor and Gorman did not want to deal with this, saying that he was sick of doctors, hospital and needles but he needed someone to monitor his cholesterol and blood pressure so I drug him to my new primary care doctor and it was a great visit.  He and Gorman really hit it off, joking and carrying on and he made some changes in his medicines that were good.  Interestingly, this man is the cousin of our oncologist.

Gorman went to Lab Corp this morning for blood work for UAB and was so happy not to be in Birmingham for that.  We do head up there next week but will leave Birmingham and go to the mountains, Highlands, NC.  Some dear friends offered their cabin to us and we, of course, said yes.  I understand the temperatures are in the seventies up there so we can’t wait!  We are cramming in all the fun that we can, in between UAB appointments, doctor appointments and chemo.

“No Measurable Evidence of A Tumor”

Thank you, Jesus, for a clear MRI!  The neurologist at UAB said that after an MRI he has to fill out a form in which he is asked to state the size of the tumor and he said his only answer could be “No measurable evidence of tumor”.  Gorman and I kept repeating that phrase to each other as we drove home this afternoon.

This morning Gorman started on his five-day round of chemo pills but was so elated over the MRI that he said, “Bring it on!”

Off To Birmingham Today

After a nice, relaxing long weekend at our condo at Orange Beach, we are leaving at noon today to drive to Birmingham.  We have to be at UAB at 7:15 tomorrow morning to begin lab work and then the MRI is at 8:00.  Gorman is anxious, as always, before his MRI.  I’m sure we’ll be doing lots of out-loud prayers on that four and one-half drive today.  How do people get through something like this without faith in God?  He sustains us.