Off To Birmingham Today

After a nice, relaxing long weekend at our condo at Orange Beach, we are leaving at noon today to drive to Birmingham.  We have to be at UAB at 7:15 tomorrow morning to begin lab work and then the MRI is at 8:00.  Gorman is anxious, as always, before his MRI.  I’m sure we’ll be doing lots of out-loud prayers on that four and one-half drive today.  How do people get through something like this without faith in God?  He sustains us.

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  1. Sending you off with loving thoughts and strong prayers.

    Suzanne and Bill

  2. Prayers for positive results on the MRI tomorrow.

  3. So glad you both are “going with God.” Know that our thoughts and prayers accompany you continually.

    Guy and Judy

  4. On my knees, with you.

  5. Amen!! It is hard to imagine going through something like this “alone”!! We are thinking of you both at this”anxious” time!! We continue to pray for a good report tomorrow!!
    Jimmy & Karen

  6. Praying for both of ya’ll. It certainly sounds like you have great medical care, and I know the live-in nurse is superior!
    Lisa Darnell

  7. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    You guys remain in our thoughts and our prayers.
    The Vances

  8. You two are in our hearts and prayers! God bless you both!

  9. Blessings to you and Gorman. Been praying all day for great results and God’s precious hand on you two and the wonderful healthcare providers at UAB.

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