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  1. Gorman & Beverly,
    Tom and I have been thinking of you and praying for you EVERY day. You are in great hands with our Lord the ultimate healer, and your wonderful specialists like Dr. MM. Please know that we will keep praying for all of your needs. Of course, if there is anything you need….please don’t hesitate to call.
    Donna & Tom

  2. The artist and the friend got it just right. The gift and painting are truly beautiful as are you two! We love you. Kathie and chuck

  3. Hello, Gorman!

    Do you remember a classmate in the Civil Engineering Department at Ole Miss who probably would not have graduated if not for your generous help with the academics, even though he was a Sigma Nu? The most recent time he saw you was when you opened your Nashville Office! Many moons have passed since those days. This is Gary Sisco, BSCE 1967.

    I saw Tom Ford recently and literally don’t think I had seen him since Ole Miss days. I just joined a company in Cool Springs (Franklin, Tennessee) which share some common facilities with his company and I saw him leaving the break room as I was entering it for coffee. I knew he was there from our mutual friend John Ferguson, a MSU bulldog from Vicksburg, but I had not seen Tom til then. He and i had a nice visit, and he sent me the website, which I very much appreciate. We were talking about all things Southern and Mississippi and Ole Miss, and some how retirement came up! Imagine that, drinking coffee and talking retirement! Any way, i told him my bride of 44 years (Mary Sue Baylis, Pascagoula, USM ’67) wants us to head to Fairhope in the next couple of years to retire. He said you were in that area.

    Gorman, i just read the site back to April, and have shed tears while reading about the challenges you have faced and are facing. But some of the tears were tears of joy knowing that you and your bride are relying on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Great Physician. Good call. You know God left the entire Universe to His care.

    What a blessing and a testimony to me and other people who know you. The entrys about your trips, time together, and the beautiful words of support from your friends are a wonderful testimony of the absolute love people have for you! You know, at Ole Miss in Carrier Hall or on Fraternity Row I never once thought about sharing my Faith with you or telling you that I love you! Imagine that!

    But as a Brother in Christ, saved by His Grace, I love you in the Lord. I will pray for you. Let me know if I can do anything in addition to lifting you up by prayer into the loving care of our precious Savior and that He guide your attending physicians.

    Perhaps our paths will cross in Fairhope and Orange Beach this summer or soon. I will check before I head that way if you would send me your regular contact information there.

    My best to you,


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