Monthly Archives: January 2014

Good News

I just spoke with the oncologist, Mike Meshad, who said he has not seen a report from the radiologist yet but he has looked at Gorman’s MRI and he sees no change since the last one. Gorman and I are calling that good and we are celebrating!

He has an Avastin infusion Wed., plus an appt. with oncologist and I hope to get a better idea of how this MRI/radiologist process works because, once again, we waited all day and ended up calling oncologist at 4:30. Believe me, it makes for a pretty grim day. But we’re so happy it’s hard to get too upset.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers. Oh, how they keep us going. Thank you, Lord.

Wonderful Ordinary Days

It has been very cold in Fairhope; therefore, Gorman and I find ourselves huddled in front of a fire in our cozy living room most nights. I have told him he is saving a lot of money these days when we rarely go out to dinner but choose to stay home. We are enjoying these lovely ordinary days and we treasure each and every one, actually saying that to one another frequently. He feels so good that he couldn’t possibly be so sick, right?

Gorman’s next MRI is scheduled for next Monday, January 27 at 9:00 am in Mobile. We are boldly praying for another clear one and ask you all to please pray too. But in the same breath, I am thanking God that we know He will be with us, no matter the outcome, and we know that He will see us through whatever we might face, just as He has done for the past two years. That is the source of the peace we feel, mixed in with some anxiety but we keep trying to rise above that.

Thanking God for 2013

Well, it was time to make up our calendar for the new year. As I’ve mentioned, I try not to look too far ahead and here’s why. As I looked out to June, July, August of 2014, I began to wonder if Gorman would still be with me through the Summer. When I got to next Thanksgiving, I wondered what that would look like; would he have had another recurrence or even would I be alone. So, enough of my little calendar pity party. I thought back over 2013, a year I never thought I’d get to spend with Gorman. And what a wonderful year it has been. How can I feel anything other than gratitude to God for the gift of a wonderful year?


Easter flower cross

fishing 2, 7-2013

Gorman with football 4-2013

Highlands, 10-2013

home with Toosie, 2013

home, 2013

Long Island

Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

Poudre River Canyon, 9-2013