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Photos From The Schaffers’ Great October

Photos From The Schaffers’ Great October

Photos From The Schaffers’ Great October

Photos From The Schaffers’ Great October

Photos From The Schaffers’ Great October

Photos From The Schaffers’ Great October

Back From A Wonderful Trip

We had a wonderful time in Maine and New Hampshire.   The weather was mostly delightful with highs in the 50s and lows around 40.  Even on a few rainy days, we just settled in, built a fire and relaxed.  The house we rented for 10 days in East Boothbay Harbor was the perfect location, overlooking the ocean and the Damariscotta River  It had a well-equipped kitchen, which Gorman put to good use several nights and it had a wood-burning fireplace with a good supply of wood.  Because we were on the late side, some of the restaurants in Boothbay Harbor had closed for the season but we still had some good choices.  We made several day trips out and about, to neighboring towns.  If anyone reading this blog ever goes to Maine, be sure to go see the botanical gardens in Boothbay.  The natural setting is amazing and it is so well-designed.  They must have had some very generous benefactors.

We hit the leaves at just the right time.  Ten days later, the drive over to Jackson, NH was spectacular.  We spent three nights at Carter Notch Inn in the White Mountains.  At the higher elevations, the leaves were going but they were still in abundance where we were.  So our trip was a nice combination of ocean and mountains.  Towards the end, I was getting a little homesick so it was good to get home.

We returned last Wed. and Charlie and Ryland arrived Thursday.  Kathleen had to stay in Santa Monica to run their catering business and she was definitely missed but oh what fun we had.  Ryland, four years old, is obsessed with super heroes.  On Thursday while Gorman and Charlie played golf, Ryland and I hit Target to purchase a Capt. America costume.  Later we also got a Batman outfit so he was busy fighting evil all over Fairhope.  His mom says he has more costume changes than a Cher concert.  Ryland and Colonel (I am Bebe; Gorman is Colonel) had many rough and tumble pretend sword fights, etc. and Gorman held up just fine.

Throughout our trip, Gorman had plenty of energy.  I couldn’t believe he played 18 holes on Thursday and still was able to play with Ryland.  It was so much fun to watch them romping around.  Today when they left, Ryland wanted us to stow away in their suitcases and go back to CA with them.  It was very tempting.

Well, back to reality.  We will drive to B’ham. this Tuesday and Gorman has an appointment Wed. morning at UAB when he starts his next round of Temodar.  Let’s just hope that this one goes as smoothly as the last one.

It has been nine months since Gorman’s diagnosis and surgery.  I remember at that time reading on the internet that most people with this cancer die within nine months.  Needless to say, I never mentioned that to Gorman and that’s when I swore off the internet but I’ve never been able to get that out of my mind.  However, our radiation oncologist has told us he has patients with this same illness who are three years out and still doing fine so we cling to that and try to just live each day, thanking God for it and for the peace He has given us.

Watch Out, Lobsters; Here We Come!

We leave early tomorrow morning for 10 days in Maine and then three days in the mountains of New Hampshire.  We have rented a house on the water near Booth Bay Harbor.  Water view and a working fireplace were our requirements.  Does that tell you what we will do?  Sit and read (plus needlepoint for me); look at the water and enjoy a fire every night in the cool weather; plus eat lots of lobster, of course.  And I know my chef, Gorman, will be doing some cooking.   We have been to Maine several times and we like taking little field trips some days and exploring the area.  Other days we’ll just relax and do nothing.

Gorman has completed the latest five-day round of Temodar and has felt just fine the whole time; thank you Lord!  As everyone knows, he usually has a few days of feeling lousy, fatigue and nausea but he has none of that this time and we are thanking God for that.  In the past, because of the clinical trial guidelines, he has had to take the Temodar in the mornings but they have told us that he now can begin taking it at night before bedtime.  That seems to work better, such that he can “sleep it off” so maybe that has helped lessen his symptoms.  Anyway, he has been cooking up a storm and working in the yard.  This is great!

And the best news of all:  at the end of this month, our older son, Charlie, and four-year-old grandson, Ryland, are coming for a visit.  Gorman is so cute;  he is already planning the fishing trip.

While I will probably not have any posts for the next two weeks, just know that Gorman is feeling good, that we are happy and having fun!

Good News

Just returned from Birmingham, where Gorman had a clear MRI, thank God!  Every two months when we hear the results, we just collapse on one another.  It’s an emotional roller coaster but we are grateful that, thus far, we’ve received good news and now we feel that we have been handed another two-month reprieve.

And thank you, thank you to all our friends who pray for us.  What a blessing it is to having praying friends.

Today is Gorman’s Birthday

Gorman turned 68 today!

We have been at our condo at Orange Beach for the last five days, just relaxing and enjoying somewhat cooler weather.

Gorman continues to feel good most of the time, except for an occasional day when he hits a slump.  Then he’s tired, maybe a headache, slight nausea, as if he’s taking Temodar.  But then it goes away.  That’s the physical part.  Emotionally, we struggle some but we pray, a lot!  It’s amazing how much that helps.

This is just a quick update.  We’re heading to UAB tomorrow……….