Monthly Archives: December 2014

A Very Merry Christmas




On this Christmas day, Gorman and I are especially grateful for another Christmas together, one we never thought we have! Our younger son, Grady, is here with us and he is so much fun. He and Gorman are always either building a fire or in the kitchen cooking. Am I lucky or what?

Gorman is having ongoing sinus problems. Probably a year ago, one of his MRI reports mentioned that, by the way, one of his sinus cavities was totally blocked and that has continued. He has taken several rounds of antibiotics but never quite gets well. I dragged him to an ENT doc, who did a CT scan and highly recommended surgery to clean out his sinuses. Here’s the kicker: as long as Gorman takes these Avastin infusions, he cannot have any kind of surgery. Avastin thins the blood and, to quote our oncologist, he would “bleed like a stuck pig”. He started Avastin 11 months ago and will probably have to stop taking it before long but we don’t even bring that up because he, naturally, likes feeling that he’s doing something to keep the cancer at bay. After Avastin, there’s nothing else left to take. Other than sinus problems, Gorman feels great so we will just press on for the time being and thank God for every single day. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, our prayer warriors and support group!