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Home From Florida

We spent five days in Florida with Charlie, Kathleen and Ryland and had so much fun. Her sister graciously let us use her second home there so we could cook together and just hang out; much better than being in a hotel. C, K and Ry live in Santa Monica, CA but we met them in FL so they could visit Kathleen’s parents at the same time.
We hired a guide and went fishing on the St. Lucie River. Unfortunately they’ve had as much rain as we have in AL so the fishing was not so good but it was beautiful watching the sun come up and, best of all, four-year-old Ryland caught a fish!

Gorman is feeling good, cooking a lot and we’re trying to plan a trip for next month before the dreaded MRI in early September. But for now we’re enjoying those wonderful ordinary days, the kind we treasure.

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Good News

This is a quick post to tell everyone that Gorman had a “remarkably clear” MRI, to quote Dr. Nabors. Plus they removed the PICC line, said all his lab work is normal. What a great word, normal. They put him on 6 weeks of oral antibiotics as a precaution. All the docs refer to the concern of the staph infection getting into the bone, right there in his head beside the site of the surgeries. I haven’t researched this and actually don’t want to know how bad that could be but if they think he needs more antibiotics, I’ll take their word for it.
This morning Gorman sooo enjoyed a shower and the sheer joy of using his left arm. We are blessed and so grateful to God for the healing of this staph infection.

Now back to fighting cancer. Tomorrow he begins again with an Avastin infusion. We’re so looking forward to this you’d think it’s champagne being pumped into him!