Monthly Archives: September 2013

It’s All Good

As I type this, Gorman is in the kitchen cooking away, wearing his cute “Bam!” apron. We had our supper club at our house last night. It felt so good and normal to laugh and be with friends. I could get used to this.

We had a great trip to Texas. We spent a couple of days in Dallas in order to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library, which opened earlier this year. It is a beautiful building and so very interesting, helped by having audio guides. There was an exact-scale replica of the Oval Office, complete with the desk he used and the custom rug from his time in office. Did you know that each new president gets to design his own custom rug for the Oval Office? On Friday we drove down to Austin and met up with our friends. We all stayed at the same hotel and the conference room had been set up with a giant TV and lots of snacks and drinks (thank you, Warner and Lilly) so we could visit and watch football. For those who don’t follow SEC football, Ole Miss beat Texas so Gorman was very, very happy!

On the drive between Dallas and Austin, we saw a sign that said, “You can smell our pits from miles away”, advertising a barbeque joint. Also saw a sign for “Cut The Crap Auto Sales”. Maybe it’s just a Texas thing? We’re still laughing.

Our life is like a roller coaster: hopeful, scared silly; encouraged, petrified with fear. When I talk with folks who tell me that their loved one with cancer never rallied, never felt good after surgery or treatment, I am reminded how blessed we are that Gorman mostly feels good, that we have been able to enjoy our days and travel. In fact, we’re planning another trip for October. Gorman said he has two good months before his next MRI and he wants to enjoy it so that’s what we’re doing, along with thanking God for every single day.

Good News!

The MRI was clear, praise God!

Now we are off to Texas for the Ole Miss vs. Texas game, plus meeting up with a group of Gorman’s old high school/college buddies. Life is good!

No Results Yet

Gorman has his MRI today at Mobile Infirmary. He commented that the drive to Mobile was a lot shorter than the one we’ve been making to UAB (45 minutes vs. 4 hrs.45 min.) However, the radiologist was off today and we won’t have the results until tomorrow, uggg. This is where our faith in God keeps us going. Of course, I’ve been praying for a clear MRI but also finishing each and every prayer thanking God that no matter the results, we know He will see us through, just as He has in the past. I’ll post the results as soon as we hear.