Monthly Archives: June 2013

Moving Right Along

We have seven days to go with this PICC line (we think) and Gorman continues to feel good most days so we are blessed.  We return to UAB Monday, July 8 for an MRI, appts. with two doctors and hopefully, to get this thing removed.  He has not had any pain or discomfort from it; just that it’s bothersome and he is oh sooo careful, lest it gets pulled out again, so much so that he barely uses his left arm.

We’re just assuming Gorman will get a good report and a good MRI so we have scheduled the Avastin infustions to begin again on Wed, July 10.  It will feel good to know that  something is being done to keep this cancer at bay.

Grady was here this weekend and we had a great, if short, visit.  He and Gorman began making plans for us to visit him in Ft. Collins, CO this fall so they can fish on the Cache La Poudre River.  Of course, we never know what the future will bring and therefore, don’t make concrete plans very far in advance but it was cute to see them both so excited and I hope we are able to make that trip.

I know I’ve said this before but I want everyone to know how much Gorman and I appreciate the responses we get on our blog.  We do read everyone and have fun talking about them.  Some are from folks we haven’t seen in ages and some are from dear loyal friends who keep up with us but they mean so much to us both.

No So Fast…..

Mike Meshad called us to say that the UAB neurosurgeon now says he wants to see Gorman before he restarts the Avastin infusions. They act as if we live across town and not across the state. So I called Dr. Markert’s nurse practioner and sure enough, despite getting weekly lab work on Gorman, he wants to see his incision just to make sure there is no need of surgery. I told her that the incision has healed nicely and there has been no leakage in weeks but, of course, they won’t take my word for it. Rather than making a trip to Birminigham next week and then another one on July 8, Gorman and I decided we would just delay the Avastin until after July 8. Surely 19 days won’t make a huge difference and Dr. Meshad agreed.

In dealing with the medical world, patience and forbearance are helpful qualities to develop.

Gorman Feels Good

We are in our fourth week of the PICC line and antibiotics. Gorman is feeling better every day so I think we are about to lick this staph infection. Our next UAB appointment is July 8, when he gets an MRI, sees both Dr. Nabors and Dr. Markert and he should be finished with the PICC line.

Two weeks after our last appointment with Dr. Markert, no one had called us regarding starting back on Avastin (didn’t I predict that?) so I called Mike Meshad, our local oncologist. Thank heavens for someone who can get things done. He called Dr. Nabors at UAB and everyone agreed it was okay to begin Avastin again so Gorman will get his next infusion next Tuesday and every two weeks after that.

We are excited that our younger son, Grady, who lives in Colorado, is coming home for a quick visit at the end of this month. Then in July, we will see Charlie (older son), Kathleen and Ryland, our adorable four-year-old grandson so life is good. Not counting Skype, we haven’t seen our kids since Christmas and we are longing for them.

God continues to give us strength to face each day and He also gives us numerous little joys in each day and for this we are grateful.

A Good Check-up

Yesterday we had the two-week check-up with Dr. Markert, the neurosurgeon at UAB. He sees improvement and all of Gorman’s lab work looks good so there was no mention of surgery, thank you Jesus. They do want to add another week of antibiotics for a total of seven weeks, because the first week Gorman wasn’t getting anywhere near a full dose. Looks like this little pump is our new best friend and will be with us for a while but we are grateful for it. It’s something of a pain but I’ve learned how to flush the line and change the antibiotics every 24 hours and when I disconnect the empty old bag, we are so happy he’s finished another round of antibiotics.

We asked Dr. Markert when Gorman could start back on Avastin and he said he would talk with the neurologists about that and get back with us. I’m betting that in a week or so, we’ll not have heard anything and I’ll be calling up there trying to get a decision on that. I know they are so busy and I know Gorman is not their only patient but he’s my only husband and I wish everybody felt the same sense of urgency that I do. Of course we’re fighting this infection but we’re also fighting cancer.

On the sleeping situation, someone suggested he try sleeping in a recliner, which we do not have but we have tried to simulate one by propping him up with lots of pillows, plus a pillow under his knees and it’s working. He’s such a good patient and just rolls with the punches and manages to adjust to whatever comes along. I’m so proud of him.