Monthly Archives: June 2015

Filled With Gratitude and Thankfulness

Are there any sweeter words than “There’s no evidence of cancer”? Not to Gorman and me! That’s what Dr. Nabors told us this morning after reviewing the MRI. We talked some about whether Gorman should continue with the Avastin infusions or not. We were so thrilled and relieved that it was a little hard to focus on what was being said, only that he and Dr. Meshad, the oncologist here would discuss it and maybe move the infusions from every three weeks to every four weeks. Dr. Nabors talked about the advantages of giving the body a break from all the chemicals, although Gorman has tolerated it just fine with no side effects. Then he said there was something to be said for continuing on with what seems to be working. His final words were, “Mr. Schaffer, you are part of a very small group of patients who make it this far and we just don’t know the best way to proceed”. Gorman and I thank God that he is included in that small group and lean toward not rocking the boat but we’ll see.

So we are home, exhausted and road-weary but overflowing with thankfulness.