Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Sad Day

Today has been a sad day for us. Mark Wilson died earlier this week and today we attended his funeral. He was our dear friend and pastor at St. James Episcopal Church here in Fairhope. When Gorman has his first surgery, it was Mark, along with Gorman’s sister and another good friend, who sat with me for many hours at Mobile Infirmary, waiting and waiting for the results. He was a gift from God and helped us through some dark hours and we will miss him. He was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago, after Gorman’s diagnosis (I think of everything in terms of “before Gorman’s diagnosis; after Gorman’s diagnosis”). He had surgery and treatment and we thought he was just fine but several months ago it came back. He was only 63. A friend once said to me, “Why does God have to take the good guys?” I can’t help but think about that. I had expected Mark to preside over Gorman’s funeral. He wasn’t supposed to go first. With all the mean and hateful people in this world, why Mark? Why does Gorman have brain cancer? I know we’re not supposed to think this way and my pea brain cannot fix my logic on this. I want to say that I will have some questions for God when I get to heaven but what I really want is for God to fill me with His peace so that I don’t feel the need to understand every single thing on this earth.