“No Measurable Evidence of A Tumor”

Thank you, Jesus, for a clear MRI!  The neurologist at UAB said that after an MRI he has to fill out a form in which he is asked to state the size of the tumor and he said his only answer could be “No measurable evidence of tumor”.  Gorman and I kept repeating that phrase to each other as we drove home this afternoon.

This morning Gorman started on his five-day round of chemo pills but was so elated over the MRI that he said, “Bring it on!”

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  1. Such wonderful new and a great fightin attitude. Hope this dose is not too difficult. We are in Vancouver seeing Margeaux and were talking and thinking about this morning. Love Sheila and Bill

  2. That is amazing

  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  4. When it is working and the results are evident, it is time for praise. That phrase must seem like fine gold!!!!!

  5. What fabulous news–thanks be to God!! We are thrilled for you both and think that this beautiful report will carry Gorman right through this chemo round with flying colors. Love, Gloria and Jim

  6. My prayers are answered! Alleluia!!!

  7. Such great news. God is good!

  8. You know…. with God anything is possible!!!!! My love and prayers continue for you!!! This is such wonderful news and makes me so so happy!!! We will celebrate in New Orleans in September!!!!!!! We love ya’ll!!!!~ Mel and Tommy

  9. So very, very thankful for this great news. God is miraculous and we look for sunny days to continue.

  10. One of our God’s miracles for one of his faithful. PTL!

  11. Barbara Earles

    Fantastic news! Our God is an awesome God!!!

  12. Praise God!! Our God is Awesome!!!!

  13. What wonderful news. Our God is amazing!.

  14. What a great family motto: No measurable evidence of tumor!!! After the ’79 flood, anytime we were hassled, our family motto was, “Any day the Pearl River is not in your house is a good day.” Your family motto beats ours, that’s for sure!!!

    So pleased with your news. So grateful that our God is good and His wonders are awesome to behold!

  15. Awesome……God is good.

  16. Richard Riggins

    Such is the power of prayer. Paula and I have been praying for you guys and will continue to do so.

  17. Great news! Thanks be to God. . .indeed! With love and prayers, Guy and Judy

  18. Patty and Clay Havard

    Thanks be to GOD. This is fantastic news. We have you both in our prayers.

  19. Yayyy!!!! Praise the LORD! He is good!!! What fabulous news!

  20. Amazing!! But, then the power of prayer is
    just that!! Great news!!
    Jimmy & Karen

  21. Sandy & Archie

    Praise the Lord! What incredible news!!
    Archie and I sent bunches of hugs!

  22. Praise Jesus! Just reading this, and it’s brought me to tears. Faith and praise are our greatest weapons against the enemy. Look at our faithful God and what He can do!!! Carry on in faith and praise… love you.

  23. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Such good news and so happy to hear it. Thanks for sharing it. Our prayers continue. Gayla

  24. This is absolutely wonderful. We are reminded that miracles do happen!

  25. Robert & Betty McLendon

    Hey, We just want to Praise The Lord with you. The power of prayer and faith can move mountains. God’s not dead He is alive and well and still working in the lives of His children. Again, Praise the Lord.

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