Gorman’s Sense of Humor

This is an ode to the joy and pleasure of dealing with a huge company in this day and age. When Grady died, he had a credit card that also had Gorman listed on it. He called this cc company in an attempt to inform them of Grady’s death, pay the balance and close the account. You all can guess where this went: he was transferred from one person to another and another and then the call was dropped. My husband has very little patience in this type situation and said, “To heck with them” or something close to that. So I called the company and had a similar experience. In all this, somehow someone decided that it was Gorman who was deceased. Furthermore, they would be reporting this to the credit reporting agencies. I protested vigorously, telling her she could not do that but she said that was their policy. !#*!#+*! Upon the advice of our attorney, we went to our Social Security office and requested a letter stating that Gorman is not deceased. The lady who helped us was very nice and stated she had never dealt with that particular request but she did indeed give us the letter. Gorman thinks this is hilariously funny and wants everyone to know that “According to Social Security Administration Records, John Gorman Schaffer is currently alive as of 7/10/2015”!

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  1. Interesting that there was just a feature story on one channel – don’t remember which one – about this very thing and the problems people faced with it – couldn’t use credit cards, couldn’t cash checks, on and on. There was one woman who got the letter updated monthly because she was accused of stealing the letter from someone who was now deceased. Mercy – one more thing that I really hope doesn’t cause problems. Keep “kicking” Gorman and keep the letter current.

    Connie Kossen

  2. Oh my goodness!
    That is funny!!!

  3. ya’ll are funny and fun as usual. I understand that coming back to life once something like this happens brings all kinds of problems. hang in there. if you need a letter from me I will be glad to certify you as funny.

  4. Reminds me of Mark Twain’s quote ” Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

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  5. I have been telling telemarketers we are dead so they will quit calling.

  6. Not surprising at all!! This could b a commercial!! In fact, it does sound familiar!!! There was an ad that every time a man said something he was transferred to another department!! Real frustrating!! Happy to know Gorman is officially alive & well!! AND he has a letter to prove it!! Take care! Karen & Jimmy

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