A Busy and Blessed Three Months

As I have said before, no news from us is good news. After Gorman’s last MRI in July, we hit the road and have been traveling so much that I’m afraid I have neglected this blog.

In August, we flew to Montreal, rented a car and spent some time in the Quebec countryside, then drove to Vermont, where we celebrated our 45th anniversary, thanking God that we still have each other after 45 years! Then we had our supper club at our home, which was fun because we felt just like regular people doing regular things.

In October we drove to Atlanta to spend a couple of nights visiting with Charlie, our son from California who was doing some catering business there and we celebrated Gorman’s 70th birthday, quite a cause for celebration. Two years and nine months ago, we never thought we would get to celebrate this birthday! We then flew to Boston for a long weekend, then boarded a cruise ship for a 10-day cruise through Nova Scotia and Canada. The leaves were beautiful and we had a grand time; even had a butler while on the ship. I could get used to that!

In September we got a phone call that our younger son, Grady, was in a terrible car accident. We flew out to Ft. Collins, CO to be with him for a few days. The photos of his car made my heart stop. Praise God, he is doing just fine, which is a true miracle. I will have to admit that, for about one day, I walked around saying, “Really, God? How much more do you think we can handle?” but after much prayer I got over myself. I know that’s not how life works. And what really happened was that our Lord was with us through that ordeal, just as He has been with us through Gorman’s illness. Gorman and I both had that sure sense that we were not alone and sure enough, God gave us strength and courage. There is a hymn/canticle that we sing at church called “The First Song of Isaiah” and the words are straight out of Isaiah 12, “Surely it is God who saves me. I will trust in Him and not be afraid for the Lord is my stronghold and my sure defense and He will be my savior”. Gorman and I both find much comfort there and I go around singing it to myself. It’s especially comforting when I am anxious or afraid.

Speaking of which, Gorman has an MRI tomorrow. This is his routine, every-three-month MRI and we have no reason for concern but these MRIs are always scary. Because it is scheduled for afternoon, we probably won’t have the results until Thursday. Tomorrow night I’ll be singing to myself “The First Song of Isaiah”.

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  1. Always good to hear from you guys, especially with good news. Glad that Gray is apparently ok as well. We were in Oxford this past weekend visiting with Kirk, Ashley and their 1 month old baby, Georgia. They are all well. Gut wrenching football game–We have no luck at crunch time. Keep the faith. Being Episcopalians also, we sing Isiah 12 all the time–it is so meaningful. Good luck on the next MRI and keep us posted. Johnny & Judy John M. Kinard Dogan, Wilkinson, Williams, Kinard, Smith & Edwards Pascagoula Office of Dogan & Wilkinson, PLLC P. O. Box 1618 Pascagoula, MS 39568 Telephone: 228-762-2272 Fax: 228-762-8246 Email: jkinard@dwwattorneys.com


  2. Our heads are spinning!! After all that traveling, are you sure you know where you are?? Wonderful trips making lots of special memories!! So sorry we did not know about Grady’s accident, but very glad to hear he is OK!! We are praying for another clear MRI!!
    Take Care!! Jimmy & Karen

  3. FROG!!!!!!!!!! Love, Beverly

  4. Goodness!! I am so happy Grady is ok-you both must have been so frightened! Praise the Lord he is ok and that Gorman feels good!!! I have been thinking about you lately. It sounds like your trips have been wonderful! Praying for a clear MRI!!

  5. Beverly, While I missed your post’s, I am so glad that you were having too much fun traveling to write, and then were able to be with Grady when he needed you most. Praise the Lord almighty that both of your guys are doing well. God IS truly so good. Thank you so much for the updates. Your prayer warriors will be in prayer looking for good news on Thursday.

  6. Prayers are with you today! Tommy and I missed ya’ll so much at the really fun reunion we had in Oxford! We will be thinking about ya’ll traveling all around with so much gratitude. I love the Song of Isaiah and will be singing right along with you!!! Happy Grady is doing well. I know full well what that is like having a son in a wreck. YIKESOLA!!! Love ya’ll!!! Mel and Tommy

  7. Sending prayers your way!!! We think of you and Gorman often and love hearing about your travels. So very sorry to hear about Grady’s accident and so relieved that he is ok. Please know that we are praying for good news on the MRI and trust all will be fine. All things are possible with GOD! Love and hugs to you both….Cheryl & Jerry

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