We Thank God For Every Single Day

Two weeks ago we flew to Colorado to visit our younger son, Grady, who lives in Ft. Collins. It’s such a nice city with the mountains in the background; warm temperatures but no humidity which makes it so pleasant. On a beautiful sunny Saturday we met our guide and went fly-fishing on the Poudre River. We drove up in the mountains where the river was so clear and really moving fast. There were loads of white-water rafters out there too. Gorman and Grady caught lots of brown trout and rainbow trout. It’s catch and release in Colorado but they had fun. Monday we drove into Denver to see the Dale Chihuly outdoor glass exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens and that was fabulous. We had seen his amazing glass pieces before but never these large architectural pieces mixed in among the plants and trees of a garden. It was amazing. For anyone who’s interested, go to ChihulyInDenver.com.

And now the MRI is looming. It has been a lovely three months since the last clear one and we have enjoyed every single day, especially the regular ordinary ones where we do nothing special but just go to breakfast, say our prayers, read, cook, work in the yard, take a drive. Those days are a treasure. But Sunday afternoon we will drive to Birmingham. Gorman’s MRI is scheduled at UAB Monday (July 14) at 9:30 and then we meet with Dr. Nabors at 11:00 to hear the results. Of course, we are praying for a clear MRI but also for the peace that God gives us, that peace that surpasses all understanding that will see us through, no matter what the future holds.

photo 3
photo 2
photo 1
photo 4
photo 5

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  1. Love the fishing photos! Too bad about the “release” part, but I guess that just provided more catches for all the fishermen! Gorman could’ve come up with some very fine trout dishes!
    You are in our prayers always – double time on Monday.
    Love, B

  2. Fantastic pictures!! What fun fly fishing!! What I love about your posts is it makes me realize how important every day is no matter what you are doing. Ya’ll are in our prayers everyday and Monday will be a day of TRUST, FAITH and THANKSGIVING to God for the wonderful moments HE has blessed you both with in the Past, the Present and the Future!!! Bless you both with lots of LOVE!!! MEL and TOMMY ❤

  3. And you will be covered in prayer as you go and return, and asking our LORD to continue to bless you with clear results. To Him be the glory.

  4. The Colorado pictures are great.
    All of you look wonderful.
    Our prayers continue for another
    Clear MRI

  5. We love these fabulous pictures–both the photos and your lives that remind us to delight in the gift of every day. Know that we join the host of friends praying for a good trip to Birmingham and another beautifully clear scan.
    Gloria and Jim

  6. Another great trip with good memories!!
    Love the pictures! Will b thinking of you this week and praying for another clear MRI!! Jimmy & Karen

  7. As you prepare for the MRI this morning, God is next to you listening to our prayers. Blessings!

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  9. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful trip with us! You are blessed! As always, we are thinking of you and lifting up prayers for your continued healing. All things are possible with God! Love you….Cheryl & Jerry

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