All Clear!

Thanks be to God, Gorman’s MRI was clear! I know our Lord has been hearing Gorman’s name all day long and we thank you all for those prayers!

Our oncologist, Mike Meshad, told us last week that he wants Gorman to have the next MRI in three months (we’ve always been on a two month schedule) and to have it at UAB in Birmingham so we can meet with Dr. Nabors and keep him in the loop. So we now have three glorious months ahead of us. We are walking on air.

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  1. Praise the Lord!! An Easter blessing!!

  2. Donna Henderson

    Praise Jesus and his heavenly host!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. What wonderful news! Praising The Lord, that’s beats eggs for an Easter gift!

  4. Thank you, Lord! Terrific news. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Happy Easter!!
    Bo and Jodie

  5. Charlene Soileau Bolton

    Such wonderful news! Give him a hug from us! Jerry and Charlene Bolton

  6. Great hearing you are doing well Breeze! Come see us anytime in Oxford! Bo and Jodie.

  7. TRUST and BELIEVE!!!! God is good and is with us everyday. We are so happy to receive this fabulous news just in time for Easter! Ya’ll remain in our prayers everyday and will continue to stay there in our hearts!!! ❤ and HAPPY EASTER!!!! Mel and TOMMY

  8. Great news! PTL!!

  9. Aylett Conner Dickman

    beverly -what a blessing you and Gorman are to all of us. What joyous news for our family in this joyous season! aylett

  10. A beautiful Easter gift!
    Christine and Bobby

  11. This news made my day!! I know you are both so happy and we ate for you. In Christ’s love, Gayla

  12. Wonderful news!! An answer to prayers!! Can start planning another great trip!! Karen & Jimmy

  13. This is just the best news!! We are thrilled for you and looking forward to hearing about your adventures!
    Much love, Gloria and Jim

  14. Wow!!! That is wonderful news and we too thank the Lord for answered prayers. Time to go see those grandkids again. The Lord is good and his mercies endure forever. May God continue to give you His mercies and bless you everyday. With love Robert and Betty.

  15. To God be the Glory! Rev. 19:6. In Christ, Eddie Brawley

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