Corrected MRI Date

Oops, I posted the wrong date.  Gorman’s MRI is this Tuesday, April 15. 

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  1. We will just pray earlier but ya’ll are in our prayers EVERYDAY!!! I am sure all will be good!! FAITH and TRUST will be the focus of our prayers for ya’ll!!!! It was great to see ya’ll in Vicksburg… just sad over the reason we were there! Love ya’ll, MEL and TOMMY

  2. Praying Gods peace for both of you, and the very best results. Love, gayla

  3. I have to say that I am so happy to move this on my calendar–so that it can be over and done sooner with less time to wait and more time for rejoicing as you celebrate Easter. Much love to you both always, gloria

  4. remembering both of you and praying for a good report. Jann & George P.

  5. Our prayers go with you——and much love. Julie.

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