Living Life Two Months At A Time

Ten days later, Gorman and I are still thanking God for a clear MRI. Everyday is a gift.

We’ve been enjoying some out-of-town company and are making plans for a couple of trips, including one to California to see our precious five-year-old grandson (and his parents, of course).

Gorman went to the dentist this week and learned that he has to have a fairly pricy dental procedure. His response was, “That’s okay. My MRI was clear”. Living with cancer has a way of putting everything in the proper perspective.

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  1. YOU GUYS HAVE SUCH A SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL OUTLOOK ON LIFE!! I am continuing to worship God for a clear MRI and praying for many, many more. Be sure that you tell the Dentist that Gorman is on Avastin.
    Much love from Tom and Me

  2. Knew you would be planning trips!! You do have priorities straight– trip to see Grandson!! Can’t wait for pictures!!
    Enjoy!! Jimmy & Ksren

  3. So glad to know you’re planning a grandchild-trip–we think that’s our favorite destination too!
    Much love to you both, Gloria and Jim

  4. God is Good!!!!! So happy for both of you. And your travel plans sound perfect! Love, Julie and John.

  5. A trip sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! You are always on my prayer list.
    Love to you both, Betsy

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