Wonderful Ordinary Days

It has been very cold in Fairhope; therefore, Gorman and I find ourselves huddled in front of a fire in our cozy living room most nights. I have told him he is saving a lot of money these days when we rarely go out to dinner but choose to stay home. We are enjoying these lovely ordinary days and we treasure each and every one, actually saying that to one another frequently. He feels so good that he couldn’t possibly be so sick, right?

Gorman’s next MRI is scheduled for next Monday, January 27 at 9:00 am in Mobile. We are boldly praying for another clear one and ask you all to please pray too. But in the same breath, I am thanking God that we know He will be with us, no matter the outcome, and we know that He will see us through whatever we might face, just as He has done for the past two years. That is the source of the peace we feel, mixed in with some anxiety but we keep trying to rise above that.

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  1. your faith is really healing for us. we will be with you as He is with you. today’s reading in Jesus Calling asked the question if you really believed that God was sovereign over every aspect of your life. my answer was yes, I do, so why don’t I trust him to handle it. only then can you have true peace and confidence.

  2. You are so right about ordinary days–what blessings indeed. We will be praying right along with you for another beautiful clear scan. Much love to you both,
    gloria and jim

  3. Sending up prayers for peace and good news. Love and hugs, gayla

  4. Ordinary days ARE wonderful but appreciating those days is what makes them SO Wonderful. Thank you both for reminding us to treasure the very day that God Gifts us.

  5. Glad to hear Gorman is feeling so good!! He is in GOOD hands!! Will be praying for another clear MRI next week!! Take care! Karen & Jimmy

  6. Gorman & Beverly…Thinking of you today, and as always, lifting you up in prayers! All things are possible with God! Love ya’ll ! Cheryl & Jerry

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