Thanking God for 2013

Well, it was time to make up our calendar for the new year. As I’ve mentioned, I try not to look too far ahead and here’s why. As I looked out to June, July, August of 2014, I began to wonder if Gorman would still be with me through the Summer. When I got to next Thanksgiving, I wondered what that would look like; would he have had another recurrence or even would I be alone. So, enough of my little calendar pity party. I thought back over 2013, a year I never thought I’d get to spend with Gorman. And what a wonderful year it has been. How can I feel anything other than gratitude to God for the gift of a wonderful year?


Easter flower cross

fishing 2, 7-2013

Gorman with football 4-2013

Highlands, 10-2013

home with Toosie, 2013

home, 2013

Long Island

Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

Poudre River Canyon, 9-2013

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  1. Happy New (one day at a time!) Year! Do not know the story behind each picture, but do know Gorman looks great!! Sure some pictures were made on great trips making good memories!! Praying for another year making more good memories!! Thinking of you!! Jimmy & Karen

  2. What a beautiful testament to a life in faith–thank you, Beverly and Gorman, for the ways in which you live and share your lives. We love the great pictures–and think there should be more that include Beverly! Wishing you much joy every single day,
    gloria and jim

  3. Completly Wonderful. Here’s to many blessings in 2014

  4. gman, you are looking good, saved and loved. we will keep you in our prayers and hearts as the home boys look forward to our trip to oxford in October.

    tommy and mel

  5. Ya’ll look great!!! So happy for your good reports-Blessings in this new year!!!

  6. Richard riggins

    I’m studying the Book of John finished chapter 13 just before reading your Thanks to God. It is a great testimony of your love for God Nd each other. Thank you for sharing, keep sharing your faith and encouragement. Love you guys.

    Paula and Richard

  7. Ralph B. Vance, Sr.,M.D.

    You both look wonderful.
    Happy New Year!
    The Vances

  8. Mr. Gorman you look good, the dog looks good, your son looks really good, your wife looks better, the flowers are beautiful, but that football needs to go!!! Praying for a great New Year for all of you. May God continue to bless and keep you.

  9. elizabeth stanga

    Thx for sharing your pics. Always good to.see yall. Wishing yall a great 2014 and keeping our fingers crossed too!

  10. I so enjoyed seeing all the photos! Especially the football – My daughter Maddy will be following in Gorman’s footsteps and heading to Ole Miss next August! We even attended the Engineering School open house during Scholar’s Day last November. May 2014 bring peace, blessings and joy to the Schaffer family.

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