No News Is Good News

Since Gorman’s early November clear MRI, we have been traveling and enjoying life, with Avastin infusions every other week.

Recently we ran into the radiation oncologist who did Gorman’s radiation last year. He was so happy to see us and said Gorman was an “outlier”. Well, that sounded good to me but I looked up that word to be sure it meant what I thought it did. In statistics, it is an observation that is well outside the expected range or values in a study or experiment and which is often discarded from the data set. In other words, Gorman is their star patient, having survived longer than most people with this GBM diagnosis. So we are grateful for his two skilled neurosurgeons and for the location of the tumor, both initially and with the recurrence, such that surgery was possible. And we are grateful for all the doctors who have treated him. We are grateful for that clinical trial at UAB. We’ll probably never know if that trial drug helped him but like to think it did. More than anything else, we are thankful for all those who pray for him. I like to say that I hope our dear Lord is hearing Gorman’s name all day long so please keep those prayers coming!

My sister who lives in Florida was here last week and our younger son, Grady, arrived Sunday for a six-day visit. Gorman and I have another Christmas together so all is merry at the Schaffers’ home.

We wish you all a blessed Christmas.

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  1. Sorry I missed you!give me a little warning ….Happy holidays

  2. Your message brings us a big dose of “Christmas Cheer” as we celebrate the greatest Gift of all! We are so thankful He is faithful to answer our prayers! Both of you are at the top of our lists! Enjoy the holidays with Grady and look forward to your next trip ( which I bet you are already planning)!! Merry Christmas!! Jimmy & Karen

  3. I am grateful for you two. You inspire me with every report! Have a wonderful Christmas. Jim Z

  4. Merry Christmas dear friends and so happy Gorman is whatever that name was!!! Tom and I pray for ya’ll everyday and will continue to! Love you, MEL and TOMMY… I see I am on Tommy’s computer so it will come in as him but it is MEL!! 🙂

  5. Stan and Deb Keely

    Merry Christmas and Great News of no News.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    What a wonderful Christmas message to hear that you guys continue to be well.
    Merry Christmas from the Vances

  7. Hey Gormans, Glad ya’ll continue to travel and enjoy a great life. All is fine in Pascagoula. As of this afternoon we will have had all 3 children and all 3 crandchildren for a visit along with Frank & Ann. That’s a bunch of Kinards–no fights yet. Trust that 2014 will be good for us all. Johnny & Judy John M. Kinard Dogan, Wilkinson, Williams, Kinard, Smith & Edwards Pascagoula Office of Dogan & Wilkinson, PLLC P. O. Box 1618 Pascagoula, MS 39568 Telephone: 228-762-2272 Fax: 228-762-8246 Email:


  8. HAPPY New Year, Beverly and Gorman. Grady – the youngest; so mature from pics we have seen – where have all the years gone?? AND, your sis – hope she is doing well. WE loved hearing happy news; blessings to you in ’14 – and prayers for good health continuing.

    Jann and George P.

  9. No news is great news! Been thinking about you all lately and folks I know at church (Guther’s and Corinne Fox) have been asking about Gorman. If you haven’t read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, my son Matt gave me his book and it truly is very interesting reading on how folks have made an impact on society with their passions and dedications. You all would enjoy it and know what the Doctor indicated will give you more reason for hope and gratitude. Pray that 2014 is as uneventful for you all as can be expected.

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