Home Again

Gorman’s shoulder and neck are much better. He’s been a very good patient and has done the assigned exercises everyday, even while we were traveling. I think he’ll continue seeing the Physical Therapist another four weeks or so and he should be well. I only wish there was a Physical Therapist for cancer.

Highlands was great, of course. The leaves were beautiful and the weather mostly chilly and sunny and we enjoyed the fireplace every night. It’s nice to be home again but we miss Highlands.

The MRI is this Wednesday at 9:00. Hopefully we’ll get the results that day. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding….”

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  1. you are in our hearts always, but bigtime on Wednesday!

  2. Happy to hear Gorman is doing well and ya’ll had a good trip to the Highlands. This time of year is so beautiful with all the colors. God’s highlighter brings beauty!!!! You will be in our thoughts and our prayers Wednesday for sure as you are everyday!!! God Bless!!! Mel and Tommy

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip and God’s amazing “handiwork”!! Good to hear Gorman’s neck and shoulder pain is better!! Will be thinking of you Wednesday and praying for continued good results!! Karen & Jimny

  4. Will be praying for good results, and that MRI is stress free (don’t forget the happy pills) :-). Gayla

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