The Fisherman and His Son

We had a great long weekend with our younger son, Grady. Despite dire predictions, the snow ended up being a non-event; just a few snow showers on Friday as we drove from the Denver airport to Ft. Collins. The rest of the weekend was delightfully cool with lots of sunshine.

Saturday we went out to the shooting range, where we shot Grady’s 40 mm Glock. It almost took my hand off but I did hit the target. Gorman and Grady were much better at this than I was. Ft. Collins is on the front range, not in the mountains but near and those mountains are always visible, a constant and spectacular reminder of God’s handiwork. On Sunday, we drove with a fishing guide up the Poudre River canyon, which is absolutely beautiful. I was the family photographer as I hate wearing those waders and Gorman and Grady fished. They both caught several fish, rainbow trout and browns and had so much fun.

We got home last night and today we have been running errands and repacking to head to Jackson, MS tomorrow, just for fun and to see old friends for a few days. I may need to start on B-12 shots to keep up with Gorman.


photo (1)

photo (2)

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  1. Connie and Doug Cazort

    You all look so cute!
    Happy for you all!
    Love, Connie and Doug

  2. Norbert & Heidi Dalhof

    Happy belated Birthday Gorman. Every day should be celebrated and lived to it’s fullest. There is so much to do and see, truly, no time to rest.
    I am so glad you had a good time in Colorado. You are right, the scenery is splendid. Reading all your travel plans is enough to tire one out. I am so glad you are both up to this and enjoy yourselves.
    Our best wishes,
    Heidi & Norbert

  3. what a great trip for ya’ll. we just started job in fort collins. mel and i are in ob. sorry we missed ya’ll being here. the weather is absolutely the best we have ever experienced. : ) you got good weather to come home to. much love to you both.

  4. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    Great seeing you guys looking so fine! Keep up the good work.
    The Vances

  5. What an awesome trip! Your pictures tell a beautiful story! So happy you all are enjoying life, you deserve the BEST!!
    Love you! Cheryl & Jerry

  6. HAPPY late birthday, Gorman – and glad to hear all the happy news from you guys. I would not be able to keep up for sure! Glad you got a great visit in with Grady. Jann and George P.

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