Today is Gorman’s birthday

and he is very proud to be 69 years old! A dear friend from Jackson will be here to spend tonight with us, which makes the celebration all the more fun. No, Gorman is not cooking on his birthday; we’re going out to dinner. And heavens no, I certainly am not cooking. Friends and family have been calling all day to wish him a happy birthday, which tickles him.

We have been at our condo at the beach for several days and I barely have time to get the clothes washed before we leave for a visit with Grady. We have a very early flight Friday morning and when we arrive in Ft. Collins, CO, we will be greeted with snow showers! With current a Fairhope temperature of 87 degrees, we’re having trouble packing. The good news is that it will warm up to 54 degrees on Saturday, when we’ll be fishing on the Cache la Poudre River.

Tomorrow Gorman has another Avastin infusion. We always thank God for those and we thank Him for every single day He gives us.

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  1. Well, happy birthday Gorman! David and I will be in Colorado Springs October 6th through October 11th. We’re hoping for a few snow showers ourselves!

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Gorman!!!!! So glad to hear you are having a great day!!!!

  3. Sending Gorman many HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes filled with “gobsolas” of FUN, LOVE, HAPPINESS and for sure GOOD HEALTH!!! We so loved being with ya’ll in Austin and will think of those fun days many times !!! Ya’ll enjoy the snow flurries and I will be green with envy thinking about that!!! Much Love, MEL and TOMMY
    PS~ I am sending this on Tom’s computer 🙂

  4. Ralph B. Vance, Sr.,M.D.

    Happy Birthday, old man! Have a great day and a safe and wonderful trip out West.
    Much love,
    The Vances

  5. Happy Birthday to Gorman!! Sounds like a fun one!! Out to dinner; then off to Colorado!! Cannot believe snow already, but oh how pretty!! Hope to see you soon!!
    Take care!! Jimmy & Karen

  6. Woo Hoo!! Have a great day, Gorman, and happy travels to you and Beverly. Our best, Bo and Jodie

  7. Happy Birthday to Gorman, Jimmy Carter, and me!! Have a great trip West. Gary

  8. Happy Birthday to Gorman and Jimmy Carter, two great Americans! Best as you travel West! Gary Sisco

  9. This sounds like a really great 69th. But start planning now on a big blowout for 70!!!!

    Tricia Marsh

  10. Happy Birthday Breeze. Hope you have many more. enjoy your trip. In hoc. Joe Hawkins

  11. Happy birthday Breeze. Hope you have many more. Enjoy your trip. In hoc, Joe Hawkins

  12. And such a young 69 he is!!! Happy birthday to Gorman!!!🎁🎉🎂

  13. Happy Birthday Gorman! My Dad (Gliomatosis Cerebri – similar to GBM) just turned 68 Sept 14th, I am grateful for each and every phone conversation and trips I can make to see them (we are 600+ miles apart)- My Dad is also taking Avastin infusions every 2 weeks. My Mom valiantly goes from their “home base” to their beloved cabin at the lake as soon as possible. I have been a silent follower of your blog and just wanted to let you know your faith inspires me! This is a journey, but most of all we can “be kind” and fulfill vows to our loved ones as they would do anything in the world for us. My Mom, who just turned 65 this year is new to the internet but I had her start on “Inspire” a forum for all different types of cancer. This has been somewhat helpful for her, as their N.O.has not been. I say prayers everyday for all who are going through this. God has a special place in Heaven for those who are faithful, even though we don’t know the mind of God.

  14. Happy Birthday to YOU!
    We send you best wishes!
    Hip, Hip, Hoo-ray for Gorman!
    Love, Connie, Douglas and Max!

    Sent from my iPad

  15. How wonderful! We are so thrilled for you! Happy, Happy!
    We continue to pray for both of you!
    Sandy and Archie

  16. We wish you all the best and continued blessings!
    Christine and Bobby

  17. Happy Birthday Gorman, even though it is late,. My sister shares your birthdate but is a few years older than you. So happy for both of you to be doing so much traveling, we have such a beajutiful country. Thankful for this site to keep up with you and Beverly. love and hugs, Mary Ann and Rod

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