It’s All Good

As I type this, Gorman is in the kitchen cooking away, wearing his cute “Bam!” apron. We had our supper club at our house last night. It felt so good and normal to laugh and be with friends. I could get used to this.

We had a great trip to Texas. We spent a couple of days in Dallas in order to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library, which opened earlier this year. It is a beautiful building and so very interesting, helped by having audio guides. There was an exact-scale replica of the Oval Office, complete with the desk he used and the custom rug from his time in office. Did you know that each new president gets to design his own custom rug for the Oval Office? On Friday we drove down to Austin and met up with our friends. We all stayed at the same hotel and the conference room had been set up with a giant TV and lots of snacks and drinks (thank you, Warner and Lilly) so we could visit and watch football. For those who don’t follow SEC football, Ole Miss beat Texas so Gorman was very, very happy!

On the drive between Dallas and Austin, we saw a sign that said, “You can smell our pits from miles away”, advertising a barbeque joint. Also saw a sign for “Cut The Crap Auto Sales”. Maybe it’s just a Texas thing? We’re still laughing.

Our life is like a roller coaster: hopeful, scared silly; encouraged, petrified with fear. When I talk with folks who tell me that their loved one with cancer never rallied, never felt good after surgery or treatment, I am reminded how blessed we are that Gorman mostly feels good, that we have been able to enjoy our days and travel. In fact, we’re planning another trip for October. Gorman said he has two good months before his next MRI and he wants to enjoy it so that’s what we’re doing, along with thanking God for every single day.

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  1. Thank you for the update Beverly. I can just see Gorman in the kitchen, humming a little “Hoddy Toddy” tune. Praise Jesus for good health days, for the reminder that HE wants all of our days to be good, and that happens when we have a closeness with HIM. It’s wonderful to see thru your eyes, the beautiful and the humorous in the little things. That’s a lesson for us all, no matter where our travels take us. We continue to pray and believe that you and Gorman will have many many more of these beautiful days and times together.
    Much Love,
    Donna & Tom

  2. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., m

    Great news from you guys. How about them Rebels!! If you come to Oxford, please come by to see us.
    Take care and much love,
    The Vances

  3. We so enjoyed being with you guys in Austin!!! I especially enjoyed my time with you watching the Alabama game in the tailgate suite!!! You both look fabulous and I thank God everyday for Gorman doing so well. We TRUST that he will continue to feel good and cook for you!! :0)Good for you planning another trip!! October is such a wonderful month to travel. HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!! Much Love, Mel

  4. I love your posts so much, dear sis, and I thank God that you and Gorman are getting so much enjoyment, experiencing so many blessed “islands” in the midst of it all. Whether you two are laughing or crying over the “pits” and “crap” on life’s journey, your trust in the One who is driving really is an amazing testimony. Many hugs to you both from Cindy, who can’t wait to give them to you both in PERSON in December!

  5. Your posts make us realize we need to”stop and smell the roses,” and appreciate every day!! And we thank you for that!! So sorry we could not connect in Austin, but hope to see you soon!! Take care! Karen & Jimmy

  6. Love being able to keep with you both-enjoy this gorgeous fall!!!
    And ps to Gorman-Go Rebels/Hotty Toddy!!!!πŸŽƒπŸ‰πŸβš“οΈ

  7. Thanks for the update! We are so happy that you two are celebrating life and enjoying special moments !!!!! We love you!….Cheryl & Jerry

  8. Glad you had a great trip and enjoyed watching the Rebels beat Texas. We are really glad you are having a good time and enjoying those things you put off for so long. May God continue to watch over you and bless you.

  9. Gorman and Beverly

    I am so happy things are going well. Love ole Miss beating Texas. Maybe my Hawkeyes can beat Ohio State. Did want to pass along an article from the Washington Post today (9/24) about an experimental procedure at Duke for you to investigate.

    Still traveling a lot. Heading back today to FL for presentation with Rosemary and Craig. Looks like we got 2 more grandchildren on the way. One due on Xmas day the other about Valentine’s day! God bless Stan

  10. Beverly, could you please bring Gorman to BAMa the tide. I believe he is our secret weapon!

    We applaud yall’s faith; thanks for encouraging us in ours.

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