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Gorman has his MRI today at Mobile Infirmary. He commented that the drive to Mobile was a lot shorter than the one we’ve been making to UAB (45 minutes vs. 4 hrs.45 min.) However, the radiologist was off today and we won’t have the results until tomorrow, uggg. This is where our faith in God keeps us going. Of course, I’ve been praying for a clear MRI but also finishing each and every prayer thanking God that no matter the results, we know He will see us through, just as He has in the past. I’ll post the results as soon as we hear.

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  1. Connie and Doug Cazort

    Oh how difficult to have to wait for the results!
    Douglas and I are sending prayers your way.
    Oh my, keep us posted.

    Sending love,
    Connie and Doug

  2. not knowing is hard but we are so glad that your faith is strong so we join with you in trusting, trusting, trusting. there is just something that comes from being able to do that. it is a peace that only God can give.

    tommy and mel

  3. Our prayers will be going up with yours!
    Any chance you guys will get to Jackson any time soon? We could do a joint belated birthday for you as we celebrate Suzanne’s # 75.

  4. Praying with you! Bo and Jodie

    Sent from my Galaxy S

  5. Ugh–so sorry you’re having to wait!! We’re still praying for wonderfully clear scans and sending love your way.
    gloria and jim

  6. Gorman & Beverly,
    God is so good! You remind us all that patience is a virtue and your positive attitude is infectious!!!!
    I am praying with you and with all of your friends and family. You are loved.

  7. Thank God for the gift of faith! Prayers are with you all 🙂

  8. Praying for a good result, waiting is so hard. Keep the faith.

  9. Gorman, I too am praying for you! Psalm 91, Eddie Brawley

  10. Gorman and Beverly…. We think of you often and our prayers are with you always!!!! Hugs to both of you !!!!…Cheryl & Jerry

  11. We send love and prayers, We look forward to every posting. Your gift of faith shines in every communication, and it is a constant reminder of God’s great love for all of us!
    Susan and Hibbett

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