Another Fun Trip

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for a quirky little trip.  We are flying into LaGuardia, picking up a rental car and driving two hours east on Long Island to Greenport, NY.  It’s along the North Shore, out towards the eastern tip of the island.  Gorman and I’ve talked for years about wanting to see the so-called Gold Coast where so many millionaires built mansions 100 years or so ago.  Scott Fitzgerald lived in that area when he wrote “The Great Gatsby”.  There are some beautiful gardens to tour and we’re hopeful that our inn is far enough east to avoid a lot of the summer crowds; we’ll see.  Four days later, we will take a ferry over to Mystic, Connecticut and drive about an hour to Newport, RI, where we’ll spend another four days.   This is another place we’ve long wanted to visit so we just decided to go.  The weather forecast calls for temperatures in the mid-seventies, which sounds wonderful to us.

This past week we were delighted to have a surprise last-minute visit from Charlie.  He had to be in this area to tend to some business and spent three nights with us.  Oh, how we enjoyed that!  Unfortunately Kathleen and Ryland didn’t make the trip but it was great to see Charlie.

Gorman’s next MRI is scheduled for the second week of September.  We are hoping and praying for good results and beyond that, trying not to think about it.  This trip will be a nice diversion, a change of scenery.

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  1. Something else to add to our “bucket list”!! Sounds like a wonderful trip at perfect time for cooler weather!! Very special to spend time with Charlie!!
    Have a safe trip! Know it will be a fun one! Will pray for good report in Sept. Meanwhile, one day at a time!!
    Karen & Jimmy

  2. just finished listening to the great Gatsby on it left me wanting to visit that area. so ya’ll take pictures and share them with us.

  3. Connie and Doug Cazort

    Beverly…Stoington is a cute little town near Mystic…..
    Look a tAlexandra Stoddards house! Have, FUN!
    Love, Connie

  4. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Enjoy every minute and tell us all about it!!

  5. Y’all have a wonderful and safe trip!! So glad you can go, see and do!! Our prayers as always go with you.

    Lillajo and Charleigh

  6. Richard Riggins

    Sounds like dream trip. Paula watched “The Great Gatsby” last night on an old movie channel. Continuing to pray for you guys, enjoy the trip.

  7. In the dog days of summer in coastal Alabama, your trip sounds a great idea, have a wonderful trip. God bless

  8. just wanted to wish you well and have a safe trip. So glad you are getting to make your dreams come true. God bless. Still praying for you both.

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