Blessed Ordinary Days

It’s been almost two weeks since we returned from our visit with our kids and Gorman and I agree that what we miss the most is being awakened each morning by Ryland, tapping on my shoulder and whispering his dear little plans for that day. Oh what a joy he is! We have a fresh batch of “Rylandisms”, quotes from him that we repeat to each other every day.

We spent several days at our condo at Orange Beach, where it rained most every day but we still had lovely sunsets and relaxing days of doing nothing. We’re good at that.

Gorman is receiving the Avastin infusions every other Wednesday, with no side effects at all. He doesn’t have the stamina he used to have and gets tired easily but he’s trying to walk some every day, despite the heat. Tonight we’re going to Fairhope’s first Friday of every month Art Walk and then out to dinner.

Chuck Poole, our former pastor in Jackson preached a sermon some time back, based on Psalm 30, entitled “Islands of Joy in a Sea of Pain” and I think of that sermon so often. He talked about making peace with what has to be gone through because it cannot be gone around. He says, “For some of us, peace will be the new joy; the peace which comes in adjusting to, and coming to terms with, our new reality; which may not be exactly the miracle we would have chosen, but which may interrupt our wide seas of pain with real islands of joy, which is its own kind of miracle”. That describes our life these days.


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  1. Beverly, you are an inspiration to us all by the fact that you are shedding God’s light into the world through your faith and I thank you for sharing the journey with us.

    Much love to you both,

    Tommy & Mel

  2. Love y’all

  3. I do love ordinary days and hope yours continue. Happy memories can see us through those tough ones. God Bless! We miss you and owe you a breakfast soon! Hugs, Gayla

  4. Thank you for sharing these very meaningful thoughts!! “Making peace with what has to be gone through because it cannot be gone around” speaks volumes to all of us!! Peace and joy do go “hand in hand”!
    Grandchildren are “good for our disposition”!! Hope you have another visit planned with adorable Ryland!! Take care!! Karen & Jimmy

  5. Trying to “go around pain” with alcohol or other distractions just does not work! There is no path around. Bob & I loved the years we spent all our free time on Pleasure Island and know you enjoy it too. Jackson is an interesting city nowadays and our ordinary days are somewhat different than this time last year. LOL. Do hope you both continue to enjoy each and every day and your grands. We surely do treasure ours. Bob & Susan

  6. Connie and Doug Cazort

    Dear beverly and Gorman….we continue to think of you every day
    Lovely thoughts in this piece to think about.
    We love and admire you.
    Love, Connie and Doug

  7. We loved your comments from Chuck Poole’s sermon. You are experiencing the “peace beyond understanding” and we pray for many more moments and days of peace!
    Christine and Bobby

  8. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    Thanks for sharing Chuck Poole’s comments. More meaningful now than ever before. Glad that you’re tolerating the
    Avastin so well. If you come to Oxford for a game please come to see us.
    The Vances

  9. Beverly and Gorman,
    Wow, do we ever agree with you about the gift of ordinary days. And speaking of the days that are extraordinary, we were so happy to hear of your fantastic visit with your children and precious Ryland. Hope you’re making a book of those Rylandisms–he’ll want to hear them repeated to him one of these days, and a future fiance certainly would! We think making such an artistic and spiritual journey of thriving beyond cancer and “doing nothing” and being “good at it” is in fact an inspiration to your many fans, and we treasure reading about it. You are dear to us and always in our prayers. Love, gloria and jim

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