Moving Right Along

We have seven days to go with this PICC line (we think) and Gorman continues to feel good most days so we are blessed.  We return to UAB Monday, July 8 for an MRI, appts. with two doctors and hopefully, to get this thing removed.  He has not had any pain or discomfort from it; just that it’s bothersome and he is oh sooo careful, lest it gets pulled out again, so much so that he barely uses his left arm.

We’re just assuming Gorman will get a good report and a good MRI so we have scheduled the Avastin infustions to begin again on Wed, July 10.  It will feel good to know that  something is being done to keep this cancer at bay.

Grady was here this weekend and we had a great, if short, visit.  He and Gorman began making plans for us to visit him in Ft. Collins, CO this fall so they can fish on the Cache La Poudre River.  Of course, we never know what the future will bring and therefore, don’t make concrete plans very far in advance but it was cute to see them both so excited and I hope we are able to make that trip.

I know I’ve said this before but I want everyone to know how much Gorman and I appreciate the responses we get on our blog.  We do read everyone and have fun talking about them.  Some are from folks we haven’t seen in ages and some are from dear loyal friends who keep up with us but they mean so much to us both.

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  1. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    Always good to hear from you guys and that you are doing well. I send your email to those who may not be on your list. I get lots of positive comments and I hope that you are hearing from those whom I send your blog.
    Know that you are looking forward to initiating the Avastin again real soon.
    Take care and know that you are in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    The Vances

  2. Sheila and Bill Nicholas

    So happy to hear of your good times and so admire your strength and faith in this fight you are in We just arrived in Baddeck, Nova Scotia to spend 4 weeks Have over 30 people coming to celebrate our 50th on July 6 th Family, friends from Canada and Mississippu Like you, we appreciate so much these times and good health We think about you so often Much love Sheila and Bill

  3. Sally & Terry

    Beverly and Gorman,
    So glad things are going well. We need to get Grady and Kelsey , our oldest son together. He and his wife have just moved to Ft. Collins and absolutely love it! Prayers continue your way for you all!
    Much love,
    Sally and Terry

  4. Yay, lets get back to Birmingham, just point the car and it will get there I think. It is good to have something to look forward to and plan and we can all start praying that those fish are biting when Gorman and Grady get there.
    Much love and many blessings,


  6. Loving y’all through the journey

  7. Robert & Betty

    Hey, glad to hear you are feeling good and are planning a fishing trip with your son. That is a good thing, i did just that this weekend. My son who has moved to Evans, Ga. and taken four of our eight grandkids with him was home for a few days and we enjoyed a little fishing trip with him. They headed back this morning. By the way ole dad still knows how to catch the fish, i’m trying to teach them how. Ha. Will be praying that everything is clear sailing on the 8th. Just keep planning!!! We know who holds the future, and we know who holds our hand.

  8. Jimmy & Karen

    “Moving right along” is a good thing!! Know you enjoyed Grady and are looking forward to visit with Ryland–oh, and Charlie!! Will be thinking about you next week at UAB!!
    Take Care!! Karen & Jimmy

  9. Betty & John Bentley

    We are so glad that things are going well. Mary Ann and I talked about you both during our recent trip. We left them in London but I am sure they will be in touch when they get home. We will be following your blog as we travel to Colorado for the summer and hope all goes well while we are gone. See you in September

  10. Richard Riggins

    Hey guys, I sure enjoy reading your posts. It gives me an excuse to stop and reminisce about times Gorman and I visited clients and conversations that we have had over the years. Gorman knows how good a communicator I am so he is probably not surprised that I seldom comment. But I want you both to know you are in our prays and on our hearts everyday.

    One quick story I’ll tell on Paula if you won’t tell. On our last visit to the Villages we went to the recreation center to get guest passes for a friend and her son. They require birthdays on the guest passes so we gave them Ruby’s and then struggled to remember Mark’s. The girl making out the pass asked “How old is he?”. Well Paula looked at the girl with a blank expression and then turned to me looking for help. I said I thought Mark was in his early fifties. With and shocked look on her face and disbelief in her eyes Paula turned back to the girl and said, “I’m sorry but Mark was 9 when we first met them and I’m having a hard time saying that he is over 50 years old.”

    I guess it is time we stopped saying that we are gittin’ old.

    Hope you had a great 4th of July.

  11. You and Gorman will be primary in our prayers, especially on Monday…

    Guy, Judy, and the Caregiver Commitee!

    Sent from my iPhone

  12. It’s getting close to the 10th and I know you both are anxious to start the drug again. Trust you had a great forth; ours was fairly quiet and some family. We had just gone through the three days of Lumumba’s Inauguration and we were tired. It was some kind of different. Take care and I know we’ll hear from you this week. God’s Speed.

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