No So Fast…..

Mike Meshad called us to say that the UAB neurosurgeon now says he wants to see Gorman before he restarts the Avastin infusions. They act as if we live across town and not across the state. So I called Dr. Markert’s nurse practioner and sure enough, despite getting weekly lab work on Gorman, he wants to see his incision just to make sure there is no need of surgery. I told her that the incision has healed nicely and there has been no leakage in weeks but, of course, they won’t take my word for it. Rather than making a trip to Birminigham next week and then another one on July 8, Gorman and I decided we would just delay the Avastin until after July 8. Surely 19 days won’t make a huge difference and Dr. Meshad agreed.

In dealing with the medical world, patience and forbearance are helpful qualities to develop.

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  1. Hang in there. Don’t let the medical boys wear you down. I am so proud of you two. Love you– Bill

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  2. Aylett Conner Dickman

    You are both in my prayers as you go through these struggles with grace and love and deepfelt faith. Aylett

  3. Sorry about this “bump in the road”!! Is there a pill for patience? One for every thing else!! Patience is on our prayer list! Thinking of you!! Karen & Jimmy

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