Gorman Feels Good

We are in our fourth week of the PICC line and antibiotics. Gorman is feeling better every day so I think we are about to lick this staph infection. Our next UAB appointment is July 8, when he gets an MRI, sees both Dr. Nabors and Dr. Markert and he should be finished with the PICC line.

Two weeks after our last appointment with Dr. Markert, no one had called us regarding starting back on Avastin (didn’t I predict that?) so I called Mike Meshad, our local oncologist. Thank heavens for someone who can get things done. He called Dr. Nabors at UAB and everyone agreed it was okay to begin Avastin again so Gorman will get his next infusion next Tuesday and every two weeks after that.

We are excited that our younger son, Grady, who lives in Colorado, is coming home for a quick visit at the end of this month. Then in July, we will see Charlie (older son), Kathleen and Ryland, our adorable four-year-old grandson so life is good. Not counting Skype, we haven’t seen our kids since Christmas and we are longing for them.

God continues to give us strength to face each day and He also gives us numerous little joys in each day and for this we are grateful.

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  1. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    You guys remain in our thoughts and prayers.
    Much love,
    The Vances

  2. Thanks for the good and newsy update. Grateful to God for all his bountiful blessings. Bob & Susan

  3. really can’t believe Ryland is 4 years old. good report for sure and we look forward to many more. ya’ll are in our thoughts and prayers every day throughout the day. love from the fords.

  4. So glad to hear good news!! Making progress with Gorman feeling better and able to resume avastin! Know you have been anxious!! Great to look forward to seeing the boys–especially Ryland!! Thanking God for answers and praying for you both! Take Care!! Karen & Jimmy

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