A Good Check-up

Yesterday we had the two-week check-up with Dr. Markert, the neurosurgeon at UAB. He sees improvement and all of Gorman’s lab work looks good so there was no mention of surgery, thank you Jesus. They do want to add another week of antibiotics for a total of seven weeks, because the first week Gorman wasn’t getting anywhere near a full dose. Looks like this little pump is our new best friend and will be with us for a while but we are grateful for it. It’s something of a pain but I’ve learned how to flush the line and change the antibiotics every 24 hours and when I disconnect the empty old bag, we are so happy he’s finished another round of antibiotics.

We asked Dr. Markert when Gorman could start back on Avastin and he said he would talk with the neurologists about that and get back with us. I’m betting that in a week or so, we’ll not have heard anything and I’ll be calling up there trying to get a decision on that. I know they are so busy and I know Gorman is not their only patient but he’s my only husband and I wish everybody felt the same sense of urgency that I do. Of course we’re fighting this infection but we’re also fighting cancer.

On the sleeping situation, someone suggested he try sleeping in a recliner, which we do not have but we have tried to simulate one by propping him up with lots of pillows, plus a pillow under his knees and it’s working. He’s such a good patient and just rolls with the punches and manages to adjust to whatever comes along. I’m so proud of him.

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  1. Sending love and prayers for a full recovery! Doug and Connie

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  2. tommy and mel

    you tell that doctor that Gorman is your only husband and my only friend, so he deserves special treatment. : )

  3. Thank you for the happy news. Will pray for the resumption of Avastin! Sleep well.

  4. Robert & Betty

    It’s always a blessing to hear good news. So glad you both are able to sleep some. We too are very proud of Mr. Gorman. He is a blessing to us all. Both of you are and we are thankful for all God is doing in your life. You have inspired us with your blog, you’ve encouraged us in our faith and we say thank you. We are still praying for a full recovery.

  5. Jimmy & Karen

    So glad to hear some positive news!! Good report from Dr., and solving the sleeping problem have to be uplifting!! Will be praying that Gorman will be back on avastin soon!
    Take care! Jimmy and Karen

  6. And we’re proud of BOTH of you! What faithful and resilient troopers you are–as well as wonderful friends. So glad for no mention of surgery, the little pump that works, and better sleep. Much love to you both, gloria and jim

  7. Martha Randolph

    after two knee replacements and a hip replacement last summer I too have problems sleeping as it gets very uncomfortable as the night goes on.I can’t sleep on my left side and the right side gets uncomfortable after a while. I have found if I move into the office where there is a sofa I can put pillows on the arm and lean up against it.— Plus raise my leg and prop it againts the back of the sofa and Soon I am in a half way position that is very comfortable and I sleep the rest of the night there. We are going to look at a bed that has twin mattresses and I can raise my twin bed and get my legs in a crooked comfortable position. I also put a pillow between my knees. There is something about being able to lean against the arm of the sofa. pillows that is very helpful. Whatever works!!

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