Survived Another Ordeal

Last Thursday Gorman’s incision began leaking.  I nearly had a heart attack.   After several hours of emails back and forth with Dr. Markert’s nurse practitioner, she said to go to the ER but she knew Dr. Markert would want us at UAB.  So after five hours at the local ER, they transferred us to UAB.  We politely refused the ambulance and drove to Birmingham, arriving at 3:30 Fri. morning.  They drew blood and did blood cultures to begin looking for infection.  Those cultures take several days to reveal anything so they began IVs of antibiotics and there we were over the weekend. His white count was ok so we were very hopeful.  Dr. Markert talked about surgery to go in and “clean out” the area but Gorman had had an Avastin infusion two weeks ago and Avastin inhibits the body’s ability to heal so that pretty much ruled out surgery, fine by us. The Infectious Disease docs were called in.  We were so hoping there would be no infection but on Monday the cultures showed some type of staph infection.  This was quite a blow.  Poor Gorman was so glum; both his arms were black and blue from blown out IVs and numerous blood draws.  The decision was made to change his antibiotics, have a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) line put in and send him home on antibiotics.  This rig is amazing:  a tube was inserted in his upper arm and the tip ends in a large blood vessel just above the heart. On the outside of his arm is a tube running to a little round ball that administers the drug to his system 24/7.  I have learned how to change out the medication ball every day and we will have a home health nurse come once a week.

While in the hospital, he had bad headaches but now they’re under control with Advil and Lortab if necessary.  More good news: he had an MRI Monday night and it looked good and clear; what a relief.  So we were discharged last night and have to return in two weeks for check-up.  The antibiotics will continue for six weeks.

After five days in the hospital, Gorman was so funny.  We were driving to the drug store and he marveled at how green all the trees were and the beautiful sunset and fluffy white clouds.  He said, “This must be what it feels like when someone gets out of prison”.  We stayed in the hotel in Birmingham last night, both slept sooo soundly it was heaven, then headed home today.

Please pray that these antibiotics will rid Gorman of this infection.  We all hear about the drug-resistant bugs out there and I’m trying not to think about that.  Once again, our Lord sustained us through this ordeal.  When things would get really bad, I would climb up on the bed with him, where he was covered in his prayer quilt, and we would hold on to each other and pray together and the peace would come.


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  1. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    You are going to be just fine. PICC lines are miraculous. Give the antibiotics a few days.
    Our love,
    the Vances

  2. You two are wonderful. Makes our week insignificant and only political — LOL. Will watch and pray with you. Susan & Bob

  3. Jimmy & Karen

    So sorry you had such a “draining” week!! What is it with these infections? Gorman is third person we know on 6 weeks of antibiotics!! Glad to hear good news about clear MRI!! Prayer and Peace just go together–“hand in hand”!! God continues to give you the strength to get through times like the last week! We are praying that the antibiotics are working!! Karen & Jimmy

  4. Trying time for sure, but you are an amazing duo. Take good care and know you are wrapped in our prayers. Chris & P K

  5. Connie and Doug Cazort

    Gorman and Beverly,
    Doug and I continue to send you both prayers…
    Oh my, you both are so strong.
    Love and prayers, Connie and Doug

  6. Hate you have had such a yucky week!!! But happy about good report on MRI and you are back home!! I,ve learned to be thankful for small blessings as well as the big!! I read your post tonight during intermission at the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert and started praying for ya’ll immediately!! Karen’s remark hit home with me about PRAYER and PEACE!!!! Take care and next week will be a better week I just know it!!!
    God Bless and Much Love, MEL and TOMMY

  7. Poor Gorman, not a fun weekend. Hope the upcoming one finds you in your lovely home enjoying the peace and quiet- no hospital trips!!
    just did a study at N’minster of Anne Lamotts- Help, thanks, Wow- the three essential prayers. That does often seem to about cover it, doesn’t it. Thanks for the hilarious birthday card. Missed you at breakfast. We are off to Colorado Saturday and get to see Spencer! Hang in there. Love you guys. Gayla

  8. You two have had the trials of Job!!! So sorry for this latest complication, but you all are surrounded and filled with prayer and grace and you will be just fine. We love you. Susan

  9. Tommy and Mel Ford

    thank you Beverly for sharing yourself and Gorman with us. God bless and keep both of you.

  10. I’ve heard about a PICC, kind of knew what it was, but you have edumacated me. Modern medicine practices are pretty amazing. I know it seems like you all can’t get a break, but pray events will settle down and you have a much less eventful summer. You alls strength in dealing with this health issue and your acknowledgement of God’s presense is such a blessing for those of us that know you and are following your story. We continue to lift you up and ask God to be the Great Physician in your lives. Mark B.

  11. So very happy to read this post and you are home again and what a blessing to have the clear MRI. Antibiotics are wonderful drugs, so very sorry to hear about the infection…………Rod got rid of his and so will Gorman. Hope you have a peaceful weekend. Prayers and love sent your way. Mary Ann and Rod

  12. Robert & Betty

    Gorman and Beverly i couldn’t help but think of a story i heard once about an old lady that took her fork everywhere she went. When asked why she did that her reply was “the best is yet to come”. I believe that for you two the best is yet to come. We will continue praying for healing and strengh as you go through the trails of this life. Just remember the best is yet to come. Robert n Betty.

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