We Are Blessed

During our walk along this rocky road, Gorman and I have been amazed and blessed by all the wonderful friends who have cared for us, prayed for us and reached out to us in so many special ways but this most recent act of love was truly amazing.  A dear friend was inspired to have this painting done for us.  It is so beautiful in and of itself but this is what she wrote on the accompanying card:

“If colors could convey the essence of you as you walk together along our earthly path, my vision is,  amber tones – your unconditional, fervent love and devotion for each other,   golden hues symbolizing your faith, emerald colors framing your strength, crimson tones representing your courage, amethyst shades reflecting your hope, periwinkle hues- your exemplary spirit, fireflies on the periphery representing friends whose hearts reach out and lift up prayers for you, and, of course, the light surrounding you is God”. I began to cry again just typing this. 

For anyone who is reading this, I do hope that if you get to that rough patch in your road you will have this same comfort and blessing of good friends.  God does provide.  He doesn’t always give us everything we want or ask for but He blesses us abundantly, in ways we never imagined.      

photo (9)

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  1. Ralph B. Vance, M.D.

    Brought tears to my eyes. God bless you both.
    Much love,
    The Vances

  2. Mel Duke Ford

    That is the most beautiful painting but the card by itself would have been enough!!! AMAZING for sure but so very right on!! She potrayed you extremely well and must know you both well and what a loving and caring friend!!! Love ya’ll and God Blesses you everyday~ MEL and TOMMY

  3. Jimmy & Karen

    Oh my!! Beautiful painting and beautiful words!! So special and thoughtful!! How comforted you must feel and will feel every time you look at that painting!! Thank you for sharing!! Karen & Jimmy

  4. That is so beautiful. ThaNk you for sharing it! You have been an inspiration from day one. Gayla

  5. That is an awesome painting. Thank you for sharing, what a wonderful inspiring gift that will keep on giving. As always thanks so much for the updates. love and hugs, Mary Ann and Rod

  6. What a lovely painting. Perhaps every loving couple is always in this spot but we get so busy we do not realize how fortunate we are. God is good; All the time. Sending love. Susan & Bob

  7. Connie and Doug Cazort

    Hello Gorman and Beverly,
    We want you to know we are sending prayers to you every day!
    Otto, Willy and Maddie send ther love and tail wags to you both too!
    Love, Connie and Doug

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