An Evening At The Emergency Room

Gorman woke up Thursday morning to find the right side of his so swollen that it was alarming. He had a mild headache and felt awful.  He has inadvertently slept on his right side, on the incision, during the night but I couldn’t believe that could cause so much swelling a month after the surgery.  So I debated whom to call.  It’s really hard to get anyone on the phone at UAB, plus they are almost five hours away.  Note to self:  if there is another surgery, let’s have it done locally.  Since Mike Meshad was our oncologist from the beginning and he will be administering the Avastin, I called his office.  They said he was off on Fridays but a nurse would call me back. When she did I asked if he should start on another round of prednizone for the swelling and she said, “No mam, he needs to be examined. You should take him to the emergency room now” so that’s what we did.

The doctor at Thomas Hospital said there were three possibilities: infection and pus building up in the brain; bleeding in the brain or leaking of cerebrospinal fluid. They did a CAT scan, blood work, conferred with the neurologist on call at UAB and determined that it was the cerebrospinal fluid leak, which was the best possible news. He suspected it was caused by sleeping on that side of his head. Apparently this will heal itself and is no cause for worry. Of course, it took six and one-half grueling, frightening hours to get to this.

When we walked out of the hospital at 10:00 pm, it was raining and had turned cold so we went home and made grilled cheese sandwiches, which we ate in my study with the gas log fireplace going. Also sipped a little wine, while over and over thanking God that Gorman was okay.

Saturday morning Gorman woke up feeling much better; so much so that we followed our original plan and went to a private gardens tour in Mobile. He did get tired but enjoyed being outside on a beautiful and sunny day.

Today his head is still swollen but not as much so I guess it’s getting better and he feels good again. He starts Avastin on Tuesday and we’re ready to get that going. 

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  1. Thank you, Lord, that was the best possible result and you are doing better, Gorman.we will be with you in spirit on Tuesday. Glad you enjoyed yesterday, it was a beautiful day.

  2. Never a dull moment for the Gorman and Beverly!!! God Bless you!!! So happy this one is behind you and Gorman is feeling better!! I know you must have been so frightened. Our Love and Prayers are with you both!!! ~ Mel and Tommy

  3. Donna Henderson

    Hi Beverly & Gorman, Been thinking about you often as I have traveled for 3 weeks straight. Thank you for the updates as it helps me pray for specifics for you both! Nothing quite like a visit to the ER on a Friday night, huh? So glad that all turned out to be the best case scenario.
    Praying for the best as you start a new treatment.

  4. Jimmy & Karen

    Guess you feel like you are riding a roller coaster!! So sorry to hear this, but so relieved it turned out to be the best of the three possibilities!! Meanwhile, roll Gorman over on left side!! Ha! Will be praying for avastin to be effective!! Jimmy and Karen

  5. Keeping up with you guys – and if you do head to HOUSTON, do let us know. WE have you on our minds and in our hearts and prayers daily.
    Keep posting – and we’ll keep praying!! SO happy you enjoyed the Penn trip. We go to Houston for George’s surgery on 20th.

    LOVE – the Pucketts

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