On To The Next Step

Gorman and I had a wonderful time in Pennsylvania, where we were able to experience Spring all over again. It was so nice to get away and focus on something other than his illness. Of course, it’s always there, like a little black cloud, hovering nearby but at least for eight days we were able to push it pretty far away.

Now we’re home and it’s been a month since his surgery so we’re ready to take the next bite out of the elephant. He will start Avastin next week, don’t know the details yet. Dr. Nabors talked with the folks at MDAnderson and the trials they have going right now would not be of much use in our situation. There are lots of clinical trials out there combining Avastin with other drugs but so far nothing is showing much good. There are two types of chemo that Dr. Nabors will add to Gorman’s treatment if there is another recurrence; let’s try not to think about that. Also some targeted radiation can be used if need be.

The good news is that Gorman feels good which is amazing considering the surgery he’s had. We are hopeful that the Avastin will give him some more time and who knows, maybe a new super drug will pop up as a result of all these clinical trials. Emotionally we’re a little shaky but know our Lord will continue to give us strength for today. I have yet another new slogan: “You can’t change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying over the future”. How true!

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  1. tommy and mel

    that’s a good one. thanks for passing on cause it applies no matter where you are. keep posting and knowing that we love and support you.

  2. Thanks for the update. Prayers continue. Living in the moment is a difficult habit to form but one that helps in every situation. In reality, this moment, this wonderful moment is all any of us have. God’s wonderful grace to you this day and every day.

  3. Doug and Anne

    Glad to get an update. Still praying and thinking about you guys.

  4. Thank you for the update! Have been thinking about you, your love for each other and your strength as you face this latest challenge. Great new motto – such a challenge Love Sheila and Bill

  5. Amen to that Bev. So hard to realize and live into staying focused on today-it really is all any of us have. Love you both. Peace be with you. Gayla

  6. Jimmy & Karen

    So glad to hear about your wonderful trip to
    Pennsylvania!! Not surprised though’. Beverly
    could make a trip to Duck Hill fabulous!! May
    let her plan our next adventure! Like your new “motto”! Good for all of us to practice!! From “Jesus Calling”, May 1: Most people avoid the present by worrying about the future! Luke12:25-26. Praying you continue to find peace in communion with God, Karen & Jimmy

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