A Trip

Gorman and I had been considering a trip somewhere, anywhere, just a diversion and diversions are nice. We have not heard from the doctors about when the Avastin treatments will begin but we wanted to get away before that starts so, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go to Pennsylvania. We are leaving tomorrow and will be gone eight days. Neither one of us has spent any time in PA. We’ve always had it on our “future trip” list and think it’s time to start checking off that list.

We will spend a couple of days in Philadelphia, then drive north along the Delaware River to New Hope. Our precious daughter-in-law grew up there and it sounds delightful with lots of history, old homes and antiques. Then we’ll drive south and east of Philadelphia to the Brandywine Valley, an area I’ve always wanted to see because it’s where Andrew Wyeth lived and painted. Also the Amish country is in that area. Another draw is Longwood Gardens, started by one of the duPonts. Plus we will tour Winterthur, fabulous museum and former duPont home. We are staying at lovely country inns along the way. The weather will be chilly and, wouldn’t you know it, our rooms have a fireplace. So there’s the Schaffer tour.

Gorman is feeling so good. Surgery did not set him back at all. What a blessing that we can still enjoy our days together.

Thank you to all who have posted such encouraging comments; we love to read them, and thanks for your prayers.

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  1. We are so glad y’all are getting a fabulous trip in..we have and will continue to pray for you both. Have fun!

  2. Have a great trip! Pennsylvania is beautiful.

  3. We are so glad you are taking this trip! Our love and prayers go with you. You two rock the whole carpe diem thing!

  4. Donna Henderson

    Hi Beverly and Gorman,
    Tom and I have been following you guys and continue to pray for you. The team you have built (The 2 of you plus GOD) is the most amazing team. We know how close the two of you have always been, and the joy you have in just being with each other. Fighting this together with your usual grace, and the way you lean on the Holy Spirit has been wonderful to watch! If we can do anything for you, please reach out. Have a wonderful trip. And please continue to write and tell us of all the great places you visit.

  5. The trip sounds great!! Let us know if you find some wo derful B & B we should try out. John and I have you guys to thank for guiding ud to The Willows Lodge outside Seattle , and Barnsley Gardens which I want to revisit asnwenonly spent one night on our site visit. Enjoy! We will be anxious to hear about it!! Love and prayers for precious time together. love, GAYLA

  6. Such a great idea to plan a trip you will both enjoy. My heart goes out to you as you wait for the next step towards fighting the big C. Your relationship is one that Bill and I have admired for a long time. I would say you are the perfect role model but we are a lot older than you are!
    Enjoy your time and your new adventures.

  7. What a wonderful trip you are taking. Know it will be beautiful as the area awakens from its winter’s snows. Enjoy some wonderful Italian food in the Philly area. We are grateful for your posts and grateful for your obvious joy in each other’s companionship and love. Our God is an Awesome God and He will guide you and your friends through this time. I’m with the Carpe’ Diem folks above. See ya soon, Susan & Bob

  8. LOVE the Brandywine my aunt Ruth Parsons Neill lived there for a while…I covet you “alls” chance to experience it ! Longwood a MUST! Wyeth ,et.al. Great choice!

  9. Loved hearing Gorman feels so well and you are going on another wonderful trip!! May add Pennsylvania to our list!! Although, after reading your details, Jimmy says it saves him time and money!! Feels like he’s been there!! Great to hear good news!! God is so good!!
    Karen & Jimmy

  10. “Jesus has proven that He has our best interest at heart. He gave His life for us, and if we will give Him our trust, not only will He give us today and forgive our sins, but He will give us our future. We can walk into the future fearless and confident knowing that He is always our refuge.” ~You two “RUN” fearlessly and confidently to Pennsylvania and have the time of your life!!! Eat, Drink, and be Merry for God is on your side!!! Love you and we will be praying for you and Gorman always !!! MEL and TOMMY

  11. This sounds like a great trip!!! Thank you for keeping us all up to date.

  12. Richard Riggins

    Sounds like a great trip, some of our greatest trips have been spur of the moment with no plans. You have to eat a Philly Cheese Steak at Campo’s when you get to Philly.

    Love you guys,
    Paula and Richard

  13. we have been working in west va for the past three years on two different jobs. on each of them we have had to be bailed out by the pa amish because the local unionized work force is so slow and impossible. they only work at their pace by they do it right. : ) ya’ll have fun.

  14. How good that you are taking some time to enjoy each other in PA and, with enough time to move at your own pace! Kane and I did a similar trip last year and agreed it was one of our all time favorites. Andrew W. and Winterthur were wonderful, and even us non “plant people” loved Longwood Gardens. But just as good was wondering the back roads with colonial buildings and those quaint two level barns. We will think of you happily roaming around and hold you in our prayers. Your coupleship and faith are an inspiration to all of us.

  15. Jodie Marsalis

    Sounds wonderful. Enjoy! Still praying. Bo and Jodie

    Sent from my Cellular South Galaxy S

  16. Beverly and ‘Gorman. I just heard the news recently and have had you both in my prayers. You both are just wonderfully courageous people and I just admire you both so much. It is a blessing to see your strength through these times and know that the Holy Spirit is comforting you. YOur trip is a perfect one. I lived outside of Pennsylvania in the 70’s and loved it. New Hope was a favorite place. Also, Brandywine and Longwood Gardens. I went back to Longwood Gardens this past Thanksgiving and saw the Christmas decorations. It was marvelous. I wish I could remember the quaint place I had lunch. It was a landscape and rustic place and the food was just wonderful! You would both enjoy this place. Will try to remember and send to you. Of course, I loved going to the Amish area. We would buy vegetables there. Bill was always certain that at night they were in the basement watching TV. He loved to joke around with the boys. You all have a wonderful vacation and know that you have many people praying for you.
    Take care and travel safe. Dee

  17. I pray for God’s grace and peace for you both and hope the trip provides you some calm time before the next treatment begins.

  18. This sounds like a wonderful trip, and an idea for all of us to make that “bucket list” and begin to check things off! Tom and I still remember our wonderful lunch with you two. You are an inspiration for us all and, in this journey, you have taught us so much about faith and relationships. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you return.

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