30 Hours Later, Discharged

After spending last night and today in NICU, Gorman is a free man. Dr. Markert said that Gorman’s vital signs were all good and he was discharged with many prescriptions and instructions. He has a very large incision above his right ear, larger than before and was warned that he will develop a black eye and lots of ugly bruises. The incision also runs down the front edge of his ear and I told him that everyone would think he had a face lift. Gorman is quite the resilient man, the come-back kid!

We got to our hotel tonight and he was so happy to take a long, hot and very careful shower. Here’s the best news we’ve had in ages: dr said the MRI shows that the nodule is totally gone and today’s MRI was clear. We won’t know until next week if it was scar tissue or recurrence of the tumor but whatever it was, it’s gone.

We are staying in B’ham tonight. It was 7:30 before we left the hospital. Tomorrow we’ll see how he feels and maybe drive as far as Montgomery. We are so grateful to our dear Lord for sustaining us through some long and grueling hours and seeing us to this point. Thanks to all who have prayed for us and thanks for the comments posted. Gorman loves to hear those. We are so blessed. Good night.

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  1. So happy to here that “it” is gone!! Another bridge crossed…..thanks be to God!

  2. what troopers you two are! just another day in paradise surrounded by Grace and lots of friends. we love you.

  3. You guys are warriors!!!!! Speaking of warriors, my Sunday school class is The Joyful Noise but also known as “The Prayer Warriors” and y’all are still on our list. Love to you both, Jim Z.

  4. IT’S GONE!!! are just about the sweetest words I have read in a long time!!! Gorman and you have been on top of my prayer list and it just makes me smile and thankful when I see the Power of Prayer in action!!! WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Much Love, Mel and Tommy ❤

  5. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    Douglas and I just home from eating dinner
    with friends. Your message was so welcomed and reassuring.
    The Lord is watching over you guys.
    Your message brought tears to our eyes, but
    they, thankfully, were tears of joy.
    I would just say rejoice and await the good news of the pathology.
    Much love,
    R and D.
    The Vances

  6. Outstanding news! So happy to hear it’s gone, whatever it was. Best news you could get! Our prayers are with you two and Gorman heals and rehabs after this surrgery. Love you both! Lillajo and Charleigh

  7. Doug and Anne McDaniel

    Anne and I continue to pray for both of you. We are so encouraged by the news this far and are praying about the biopsy. Beverly, we enjoy reading your posts…they are informative, honest, witty, and demonstrate faith during a storm. We think you should be a columnist!

  8. I really dont have words to epress how Grateful to God for the results prayed for. To see how powerful prayer can change circumstances, not Gods mind blows me away!!You are special Dear Ones who walk with Him and are living proof of your faith. Bob and I are holding you in prayer and can’t wait to see you both!!!


  9. Once again, the two of you have proven that walking in faith produces peace! We are so thankful and encouraged by this good news! Beverly, we agree that you should be a writer or columnist!
    Love to both of you,
    Christine and Bobby

  10. Thanks so much for the good news. Our love and prayers are with you.

    Dianne and Clay

  11. Isn’t grace absolutely amazing? Thank be to God who daily fills us, what wonderful news!
    Elaine E

  12. Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. 1Chronicles 16:34

  13. So wonderful when hear that folks on my prayer list are improving. And Gorman is doing great!!!

  14. Awesome news…so glad everything went well!!! Praying for a speedy recovery!!

  15. Good news!The whole company is praying for you

  16. Mary Ann and Rod Pugh

    Fantastic news. Prayers are answered. God is so very good.

  17. Praying prayers of praise and thanksgiving…
    Cindy Meador

  18. You are both amazing! What a relief and joy it was to read your good news. We’re just thinking what a healing and fabulous gift it is to get to go home and sleep in your own bed and wander around your own kitchen and yard, which is no doubt gorgeous these days. Thanks be to God!
    Hugs to you both,
    gloria and jim

  19. I am blessed to follow your unwavering faith. The silver linings make each day so meaningful for all of us, but your testamony is such a vivid reminder. Will pray for great reports. Best to both of you.

  20. Amazing!! Brain surgery on Tuesday; go home on Thursday!! AND “it is gone””!! Wonderful news!! We continue to pray for you –thanking him always!! Love, Karen & Jimmy

  21. hoping you are feeling better. glad all went well. sending hus to you and beverly- efs

  22. hi gorman..things seem to be looking up for you and that is great news. bout time for me to pick you up for a quick trip to the Acme(?) Oyster Bar in New Orleans/You introduced me to that place when I was still at Smith and Sanders.. Looks like Al Capone’s office from the outside but great food inside. Seriously Nancy and I pray long and hard for you nightly.. Hang in there and get well soon. Regards to Miss Beverly. Jim P

  23. Gorman, what wonderful, fabulous news! So glad to hear it! And to be out of the hospital in just 30 hours – very impressive. Thank you, Beverly for keeping us all so well updated; you are a gifted writer! Alane Young

  24. Gorman and Beverly, have been thinking about you and trying to keep up with everything via this Blog. Glad to see that things are again looking up as we continue to look up and ask God to continue to bless the both of you.
    John Barnes

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