Not A Good MRI

The spot the doctors have been watching has gotten larger, enough so that Dr. Nabors is concerned and wants to do a biopsy.  This morning he had the neurosurgeons and tumor board at UAB review Gorman’s MRIs and they agreed.  All signs point to it being just scar tissue because Gorman has no symptoms of a recurrence, plus the MRI does not indicate blood flow to this area (tumors need a supply of oxygen) but they want to be sure.  When you are talking about the brain, a needle biopsy is difficult but it is possible to drill a hole through the scull (is your head aching yet?) and insert the needle.  But this morning we met with Dr. James Markert, Director of Neurosurgery, and because of all the arteries in this area, he will reopen the old incision to do the biopsy and thus, it becomes major brain surgery, again.  So surgery is scheduled at UAB for next Tuesday, April 2.  We wanted it done today, right now, as soon as possible but that’s not the way the medical world works, of course.

We have just gotten home from Birmingham, exhausted, but happy to be home.  By the way, the MRI also showed terrible blockage in Gorman’s left sinus.  This has been hanging around for months, despite a round of antibiotics but they want this on the road to being healed by next Tuesday so he starts tonight on more antibiotics.

So yesterday we were both walking around like a couple of zombies after the MRI news but we have settled down, prayed, held on to one another and know without a doubt that our Lord is walking with us.  We feel that peace only He can give and we feel all the prayers of you, our dear friends.  We know that all will be well, whatever the outcome, we will be fine.

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  1. Will continue to pray. Take care driving. It is hard to wait but faith hold tight.

  2. It entails trusting God with every fiber of your being. If anyone shows TRUST in a situation, you two do!!!! My prayers will be with you and God is there with you so I have FAITH all will be fine!!! I do wish Gorman didn’t have to have the surgery again to do a biopsy BUT if that is how they will determine that this is scar tissue then so be it!!! Leave the outcome to God and try not to worry about how it will all turn out. Relax in HIS arms!!! Much Love, MEL

  3. Sandy and Archie

    We are praying incessantly !
    Love you both!
    Sandy and Archie

  4. Beverly ,

    Please know that you are in our prayers and God has you in his arms.

    Love to you both,
    Sally and Terry

  5. So sorry u did not get the news we hoped for!! But we know God has been, is, and will continue to be with you every step!! We thank him for this peace that sustains us when we trust him!! We will pray for a good
    outcome on April 2!! Thank you for keeping us informed!! Love, Karen & Jummy

  6. God bless u both! We r sorry to hear this latest report, but know God walks with u as He has been daily from the very beginning. May He bless u as u walk this new path together with Him.
    Much love,
    Lillajo and Charleigh

  7. You already know the peace that only our Lord can give us, but in one week we pray that you will know the peace that a negative biopsy will grant you. You always remain in our thoughts and our prayers.
    The Vances

  8. Hugs and prayers to you as you move through this week. May we all be smiling this time next week. Peace be with you. Gayla

  9. I just came across your blog and I wanted you to know that even though we have never met I am wishing you the best and keeping you both in my prayers. Much peace and comfort to you.

  10. I will thank The Lord for the thoroughness of the doctors who are showing diligence and attention to detail. God is in the details, I pray for effective antibiotics and speedy healing for the sinus infection. We are in Good Friday, but Eatser Day is coming. Much love and many prayers,

  11. Dear Beverly and Gorman: My prayers are for continued healing and for God’s peace. Love, Rita Wells

  12. You both are in our prayers, especially this week. Your walk in faith is an inspiration to us all!!!
    Much love, Susan and Hibbett

  13. In Romans Chapter 8 I believe. The Word says that Jesus Himself is at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. You are never alone in your prayer time. The Holy Spirit and Christ himself are interceding on our behalf, why? Because He loves us. He sees the future and always wants what is best for us even though we don’t understand our circumstances and why, He does. “All things work for good to those who love the Lord.” Our prayers are with you today as you and Gorman go through the surgery. Have faith in God. He is on his throne. You truly are an inspiration to us all.

  14. Know you all are anxious and nervous so am praying that the news is what the doctor’s think, scar tissue.

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