Another MRI Tomorrow

We have had a very nice week working in the yard, watching all the trees change every day into that lovely and fresh Spring green and I wonder if I will still have Gorman with me when next Spring rolls around and then I make myself stop and pray and resolve to stop thinking about such things. I can really do a head trip on myself.

Spring in Fairhope is so beautiful. The azaleas have mostly finished blooming but still there are lots of flowers. The birds are singing their hearts out. Yesterday it rained and hopefully now all the pollen has been washed away. God’s gifts are all around us.

We are leaving this afternoon for Birmingham. Gorman’s MRI is scheduled for 11:45 tomorrow and then we’ll see Dr. Nabors at 2:00 to learn the results. A few days ago we met with Dr. Sawrie, our radiation oncologist. After examining him, he said Gorman was looking too good to have any recurrence. That one little sentence was balm for our souls.

I usually try not to pray for outcomes but to pray for God’s will and peace and comfort because most of the time I figure God knows better than I do what I need. However I am boldly asking, with a grateful heart, for a clear MRI. Whatever the outcome, I know He will walk with us and lead us but please pray for a clear MRI.

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  1. Our prayers are with you.

    Dianne and Clay

  2. Jodie Marsalis

    Absolutely ! Count on lots of prayers going up from here. Please let us know when we can breathe again. jm

    Sent from my Cellular South Galaxy S

  3. Sweet Beverly our thoughts and prayers are with you and Gorman every step of the way, being confident that your faith will sustain you. I was talking with bill Dorman Friday and he was commenting on how good Gorman looked when ya’ll were in vburg. Let’s just stay focused on our blessing and Gid will take care of the rest.

  4. I have always thought you were suppose to be very direct when praying and asking God for what you are praying to him about!! I think asking for a clear MRI is just fine!!! Love Spring time because it always makes me feel like God is making everything beautiful for a new beginning!!! Love ya’ll and know all is well!!! Tell Tommy Ford that “GID” must be a close relative to GOD!!! 🙂

  5. We remember “one day at a time”! To be thankful for this day! But so normal and understandable for negative thoughts to creep in–“get thee from me satan”!! We have to pray for “focus” on the positive!! Will pray specifically for a clear MRI!!
    Take care!! Jimmy & Karen

  6. Done!

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