No Surgery For Toosie Mae

On Wednesday we drove an hour to Theodore to see the recommended vet about Toosie’s torn ACL. He took many x-rays then sedated her and manipulated all her limbs and concluded that she does not have a torn ACL and does not need surgery. She does have some arthritis but he thought the main problem was infection/inflammation in some of the pads on two of her little paws so now she’s on three types of antibiotics and, because this is caused by allergies, she is on a strict diet to include an expensive allergen-free dog food. That took three hours plus the one hour drive back to Fairhope but we were happy for the good news of no surgery.

By the way, Gorman is feeling great, for those of you who read this blog to get news of Gorman and not our dog.

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    ellen and bob

  2. Jodie Marsalis

    Glad to hear the good news all around!

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  3. Good news about Toosie Mae! We can relate! Several years ago drove to & from Auburn n one day to take “Cleo” to vet school for treatment–6 hrs. one way!! It’s what we do!! Gorman & Toosie Mae are n good hands!! Karen & Jimmy

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