Fun To Take Trips; Fun To Be At Home

We had a great time on our little getaway.  Apalachicola is so charming and we enjoyed riding around, looking at all the pretty old homes.  In 1946, my mother (many years deceased) spent a summer with her sister and new husband in Apalachicola.  I still have the letters Momma wrote to my grandmother that summer so I had the address of their house and we found it.  It’s a quaint and cute old cottage about a block from the water.  My mother told me she never wanted to get married until that summer when she saw how joyous marriage could be and one year later she married my dad.  Isn’t that a dear story?

But back to our trip.  We worshiped at Trinity Episcopal Church and heard Rev. Martha Harris give a wonderful sermon on the parable of the fig tree (Luke 13:6-9)  in which she said God is that gardener who keeps working with us and pursuing us and He never ever gives up on us “because that’s the way God is”.  That last phrase has stuck with me and I think so often about the miracle of His love for me and I find myself saying to myself, “because that’s the way God is”.

Well, the weather was cold and sunny in Apalachicola so we hope to go back later this spring so Gorman can do some fishing.  And yes, he did eat some oysters!

In Seaside we rode bikes one day when it was fairly warm, then it turned cold but still sunny and we did indeed have a fire in that fireplace every night.  We ate and drank wine, walked on the beach and shopped and read and I got a lot of needlepoint done; all in all a great trip.

After toying with idea of staying gone another few days, we decided against it and came home last Thursday night and it’s good to be home.  We do love these nice ordinary blessed days at home.  We do almost everything together, including grocery shopping and even that’s fun.

Our little Shih Tzu, Toosie Mae, has been limping, off and on, for a while.  The vet thought she had arthritis and had her on Rymadil but it had gotten to the point where she pretty much just walked on three legs and it turns out that she has a torn ACL.  How on earth she did that we have no idea.  And yes, she does have to have surgery.  We are taking her to the recommended vet surgeon in Mobile tomorrow.  I really should have been a nurse.

Our next trip to UAB is March 25 when Gorman will have another MRI.  As that date draws closer, you will hear from me again reminding everyone to pray us through another one.

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  1. So happy to hear all about your time in Apalachicola. Sounds wonderful!!!! So sorry about your Tootsie Mae and I have to ask WHO NAMED HER???? Don’t think I have ever known a dog with that name!! 🙂
    You surely will not have to remind us to pray for Gorman here in Huntsville since we keep you and Gorman in our daily prayers!!! I loved your comment “because thats the way God is.” Love to you both!!! ~ Mel and Tommy

  2. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    Great hearing about your wonderful trip. So happy that Gorman continues to feel great.
    So special to hear your comments on church with “because that’s the way God is.”
    You guys continue to be in our daily prayers.
    Much love,
    The Vances

  3. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. Your trip sounded wonderful and relaxing! Love your thoughts on the sermon, you are so right! We think of you & Gorman often and pray constantly. Know that we are with both of you in spirit as you head back for his appt. on the 25th. p.s….Hope precious Tootsie Mae is better soon !
    Love & Hugs…. Cheryl & Jerry

  4. Beverly, we love reading your accounts of your and Gorman’s travels! So glad it was fun and I really think you should be a writer!
    Love to you both,
    Christine and Bobby

  5. Sandy & Archie

    A miraculous journey! Praise the Lord!
    Sandy & Archie

  6. Beverly,
    You are so dear to share y’all’s journey. We are so glad you and Gorman are getting to go to spots you love! How fun! We do pray for you and your family always. Tell Gorman hello and we hope to see you all soon. Peace and Joy to you both,

    Sally and Terry

  7. Donna Henderson

    Beverly, I really enjoy so many things about your updates. I love to hear how special your travels are, the special places you visit (your Mom’s retreat for a summer), the wonderful churches you visit and the awesome ministers you see spreading God’s wonderful words, the special times you have and the photos of your family, and mostly the good news about Gorman. Of course we continue to pray for Gorman EVERYday and are so joyous that he is doing so beautifully.
    Much Love, Tom & Donna Henderson

  8. Sounds like a great trip!! Relaxing!! Good to
    Get away so we appreciate “home”!! Hope “Toosie Mae” recovers well from surgery AND that she is as good a patient as Gorman!! Praying for you both–especially on the 25th!! Karen & Jimmy

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