A Sleepy Week

This latest round of Temodar has really made Gorman a sleepyhead.  One morning he slept until 10:00!  He has napped every afternoon, long naps, which he resists.  I think he considers this laziness but I keep telling him to listen to his body and just sleep if he needs to.  He’s been reading John Grisham’s newest book, The Racketeer, but even that page-turner hasn’t kept him awake through the afternoons.

We are both still coughing and hacking a little but are much better and today his sleepiness has eased.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for a little getaway to FL.  First we’re going down to Apalachicola for the weekend.  There’s something about that sweet little town that calls to us.  Gorman would so enjoy some of their famous oysters, raw of course, but with his precarious medical situation he’ll have to opt for roasted or fried.  We can manage that.  On Sunday we’ll worship at the very old and historic Trinity Episcopal Church.  When we find ourselves traveling on a Sunday, we love finding the local Episcopal church.  The liturgy and Book of Common Prayer make us feel right at home.

On Monday we’ll drive to Seaside to spend three nights.  They were offering 30% off last minute reservations so we got a great one bedroom condo overlooking the Gulf and it has a fireplace, ta da!  The weather is supposed to be sunny but chilly.  Gorman really feels the cold weather, a side effect of chemo I suppose, but if it’s too cold to walk on the beach, we’ll just build a fire and enjoy looking at the water from inside.  No doubt we’ll eat some good food and drink a little wine.  Oh how we treasure every single day that God gives us.

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  1. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    Thinking about and praying for you guys daily. An occasional nap is so rewarding and I never feel a drop of guilt.
    Come see us the next time that you are in our neck of the woods.
    the Vances

  2. This trip sounds like something the doctor SHOULD have ordered–it sounds perfect! Glad you are both feeling and sounding better. Enjoy the Gulf view and that Florida fresh air. Love to you both, gloria and jim

  3. They are forecasting snow (?) possibly tomorrow for central Mississippi. Know you will enjoy Seaside and Apalachicola. Have a great trip.

  4. We love Apalachicola and have spent the past 19 summers in St. George Island. Trinity Episcopal is such a beautiful place to worship. We’ll miss you both on Sunday at St. James, but we’ll save your seat and pray that your time away be one of renewal and relaxation. Safe travels! ~Don and Lloyd Smith

  5. Have so much fun! Seaside-favorite place. Know ya’ll will enjoy it!

  6. So you are taking “sleepy head” Goman to
    “Sleepy town” Apalachicola!! As usual, You make it sound so inviting! You better be careful, we may show up one day!! Have heard it is quaint fishing village!! Enjoy!! Take care!! Jimmy & Karen

  7. Just finished reading Man in the Blue Moon (underline) in which the setting is Apalachicola. Know you both will enjoy your getaway. Treasure every moment! Blessing to both of you.

  8. I am among the many who are thankful for the positives that you and Gorman are experiencing. Attitude is everything!

  9. I remember back to the time you were turned down for one of these trials. It appeared to be such a bummer. But then look what happened instead! Y’all really seem to be on the good stuff! Pat

  10. Jann (and George) Puckett

    Beverly – George and I went to Apalachicola a few years back and I thought I’d stepped back into the 60’s – the clothes and hair styles were certainly of that area for some folks!! BUT, like you, it was laid back and we loved the little B&B where we stayed – FOOD too!

    Blessings to you both.

    Jann P.

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