A Small Medical Update

When Gorman called our Internal Medicine doc today, they wanted to see him rather than just calling in a prescription.  So we went to Mobile; he talked with Gorman about symptoms and thought he just has a bad cold and he was hesitant to give him antibiotics; however, when he listened to my chest, he gave me a second round of antibiotics, plus Prednizone.  He said the bronchitis they have been seeing is the worst in 10 years.  Those of you who really know Gorman can imagine the fun he has been having with me all afternoon, such as “Thanks so much for accompanying me to the doctor so that you could get some drugs”.  He’s so cute.

And yesterday I forgot to share some very good news:  Gorman’s white blood count is back in the normal range.  For some time now the folks at UAB have been watching this with concern but the labs on Friday showed the best reading in many months.  Thank you, dear Lord.

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  1. Aylett Conner Dickman

    Thank the Lord for the healing of you both, dear cousins! You are such a blessing to us. You stay in my prayers.

  2. We are so thankful to keep hearing such good news from Gorman! Also….you deserve a little ” TLC”. Milk this bronchitis thing for all you can get!! Just kidding–of course. Please remember us in your prayers from March 4 – 16. We are going to the Holy Land for a long awaited tour. We will be with a group of senior adults composed mostly little blue haired ladies. Hope I can keep up with them! !!!!!

  3. Glad to hear good news about Gorman’s white count!! Guess that made it easier to excuse all UAB’s glitches!! (Maybe!). Sorry to hear about colds & sinus trouble–miserable!!
    Just get busy planning a fun trip and you will
    feel better real soon!! Prayers continue!!
    Karen & Jimmy

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