Heading To Mississippi

Gorman has just completed another five day round of Temodar and we are glad it’s over.  He had more side effects this time: stomach cramps, sleepy and tired but that’s on the wane now.  He was so cute; a couple of afternoons he went out to our front porch to read on the porch swing in the sunshine and ended up sound asleep.  He had his book propped up on his chest so he could say he was reading, not sleeping!

We leave tomorrow for Mississippi, where we will see so many folks we’ve not seen in over a year.  What fun that will be!  Some are probably wondering what to say to Gorman and based on our experiences of the last year, I will offer some suggestions.  If you know someone who died with cancer, that will be the first thing that pops into your mind but don’t tell Gorman about it.  When you’re living with cancer, it’s not helpful to hear about someone who died with cancer.  Many people like to talk about their illness and tell of the details; Gorman is not one of those.  I know that some folks feel that they are showing interest and concern by asking for details but we live with this 24/7 and it nice to think of and talk about almost anything else so just ask how he’s doing, tell him he looks great (because he does) and move on to a different subject.  He is so looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up and we thank God that he’s doing so well that we can travel and have fun.

I’ll post an update in 10 days or so when we get home.



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  1. Y’all have a wonderful trip! We are so happy for the good report and will keep our thoughts and prayers flowing. Hope to see yall soon! Julie

  2. Just saw this in a CBS newsletter, and thought of you and Gorman: Job said to his friends “Listen to what I am saying; that is all the comfort I ask from you” Job 21:1-2

  3. Have a wonderful trip to MS!! Would love to
    See you!! However, we are in Pensacola Beach now until Saturday! Everyone will enjoy seeing how well Gorman is doing!!
    Jimmy & Karen
    Ps. Let us know if you are n Jackson first of
    next week!

  4. once again us Vicksburg folks hope to see yall. give us a call and we can make plans. Ginny has talked of a Mardi Gras party and would love to have it when yall could be here. just give us a call–carol ann 601-425-2501 or ginny–601-529-0520

  5. Great! See you at Char 7PM Wed. for dinner with original employees. Safe travels, Hibbett

  6. You should write a message for a cancer newsletter or something of that nature. Folks who do not know what to say sometimes say the first thing that is in their head–and that is usually about the problem. Great advice from a great care giver.

    Tricia Marsh

  7. Have a blast in good ole MISSISSIPPI. I love the way you explained the best thing to say. I have always felt the same way!!! Prayers a plenty continue for you two cutie pies!!! ~ MEL and TOMMY

  8. I hope your trip is going well and that you two are having fun!

  9. hope to hear all about your trip when you get back, its a tour I would love to do. So much joy and thankfulness. Praise the LORD.

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