Thanks For All The Prayers

Gorman and I continue to walk around saying, “Thank you, Lord; thank you, Lord”.  This last MRI took place on the one year anniversary of his surgery.  The past year has been quite a ride but God has held our hands every step of the way and we are so so so grateful for all our praying friends.  We have truly felt those prayers and know that God has heard them.

On Wednesday, Dr. Nabors showed us a comparison of this MRI with the previous one.  At the site where the tumor was removed, there is a small “spot” and it is more pronounced this time; however, it does not show up as red and therefore, it has no blood flow and he thinks it’s just scar tissue.  He said they would continue to watch it and if it becomes more pronounced, he might need to do a biopsy to check it out.  Last summer we met a lady who lives in Birmingham who also had had a glioblastoma.  Dr. Nabors did her surgery two and one-half years ago and she’s doing fine.  She did say that she had to have a second surgery to remove scar tissue.  If that becomes necessary for Gorman, we can deal with that.  Anything other than a returning tumor we can handle.

Next week we are taking a Mississippi tour.  Neel-Schaffer, Inc. is having a party to celebrate its 30th anniversary so we are going to Jackson for that; first time we will have been there in 14 months.  Then we are spending some time in Vicksburg and touring around.  I’m calling it Gorman’s sentimental journey!

He is in the middle of his five days of chemo pills right now.  He feels a little light-headed but that’s all.  Actually, he’s in the kitchen right now working on dinner:  seared tuna with a soy, ginger, cilantro sauce and mushroom and asparagus risotto.  Life is good.

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  1. Great news again!! Love it!! What time is dinner? Sounds delicious!! So impressed with Chef Gorman! Would love to see u! Prayers with you! Jimmy & Karen

  2. Carol Ann Oakman

    YOu have got to let us know whenyou are going to be in vicksburg. we sorta have a party planned and if we know the date we CAN have a get together with yall. it would be wonderful. carol ann oakman

  3. That’s fabulous news! PTL for sure!! How about touring Columbus too? We would love that!

  4. Wonderful wonderful! I remember what a good cook you were, but it sounds like with Gorman in the house, you have been able to rest that skill!!
    You will probably be so busy in Jackson, but if you have time I would love to see you.

  5. We are looking forward to seeing y’all next week! Praising God for this good report.

  6. We are so grateful for this wonderful news. Will continue to pray with you both!

  7. I am so happy for you both! Hug your sweet hubby for me and Jerry! 🙂

  8. Hello folks. First time to post but I keep up with you here. Jimmy Gouras informed me of your illness and I am so very glad to learn you are doing well.I’ll swing by soon and take Gorman to the Acme(?”) Oyster Bar in New Orleans. A couple of their Po Boys should cure what ails him PDQ We live in Hernando MS now where the children live. We now have 4 grand kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. Take care of yourself and remember that we think the world of you. Jim and Nancy Paulk

  9. So very thankful. Enjoy Ms. & all of your ‘ol friends.

  10. Praise God!! I always say…prayers are the best medicine!! Can’t wait to see you both in Jackson….time to celebrate!!! Cheryl & Jerry

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