Just An Update

After a wonderful Christmas with our kids, we are home and enjoying puttering around; just nice quiet days but for us, quiet days are not boring; they are delightful.  Every morning Gorman and I thank God that we get to be with each other another day.  That tired old adage about cancer making one appreciate every single day is really true.

No doubt, some of you are wondering what ever happened about Gorman’s bulging disc.  Well, the answer is not much.  Apparently the symptoms can just come and go and he’s really not having any pain now; just some stiffness in his back now and then.   He uses the heating pad every night and insists that he sees enough doctors as it is so we’re hoping it will stay in  the background.

Gorman is cooking like crazy.  In fact, he’s in the kitchen right now.  Am I a blessed woman or what?  I can barely remember how to turn on the stove.

The MRI is at our throats again.  We will drive to UAB next Tuesday, Jan. 22 and his MRI is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:45.  I’m giving the specific time in hopes that God will hear many prayers right about then.  Gorman and I both try not to give in to the anxiety and fear but it’s a challenge.  On our drive to Birmingham, I think I will get out pen and paper and we will actually list all our blessings, one by one – my remedy for fear and worry.

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  1. Counting blessings are a great habit for us all. If we are going to have bad habits, we ought to have even more good habits. Happy New Year to you all. Susan & Bob

  2. Tom and I are driving back from Jackson’s Hockey match and read your post. We will be praying Wednesday at 11:45 and longer . You can be sure that God will be hearing from us and many many others. Much Love and I love the idea of counting and writing down all the blessings while driving. That should keep you busy for the whole drive. Mel

  3. Thanks for giving us specific date and time to pray. I should be driving back to Jackson, good prayer time. Gayla

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  4. Many prayers will be going with you. count on it!!!
    Guy and Judy

  5. Tom and I just said a prayer for you guys, as it never hurts to pray early and often:)
    Thanks for keeping us up to date and with specifics as we like to pray “specific”. Also thanks for reminding us ALL to list our many blessings.
    All our love to you!
    Donna & Tom

  6. Thanks for update. Ya’ll are in our prayers every day and we will be praying at that particular time too.
    Ellen and Bob

  7. Thank you for keeping us informed. Have a good trip!

  8. Thanks for the update and you are literally on my calendar for the 23rd to remember to stop and pray. We think of you so often during your journey towards to a clear bill of health.

  9. A gratitude list! A major AA concept for remembering miracles around us all EVERY DAY

  10. This blog is such a wonderful way to keep everyone informed; thanks for your updates. Our prayers continue for full remission. Excited to be seeing you all soon at the end of this month!!!

  11. Will be with you in thought and prayer.

  12. Great news! Looking forward to seeing you at our 30th anniversary celebration and dinner the night before with the original employees. Stay cool. Hibbett

  13. Thanks for your update. Sounds like you have a master chef on your hands!!
    Please know that we continue to pray for both of you and will lift you up in prayer at 11:45 am on Wednesday. Be at peace and know how much you are loved!! Looking forward to seeing you next week!! Cheryl & Jerry

  14. Gorman in the kitchen–you are blessed!! He’s a chef at heart!! We know where Charlie’s culinary talent came from! Thanks for your posts and for reminding us to appreciate each day and be thankful for our blessings!! Praying for continued good news–especially at 11:45 Wednesday!! Take Care!!
    Karen & Jimmy

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