Happy Thanksgiving

We leave tomorrow to fly to Colorado, where we will spend the week in Breckenridge and celebrate Thanksgiving with our younger son, Grady.  He lives in Ft. Collins, CO so he will drive over to be with us.  He will ski;  Gorman and I most definitely will not.  We have a 2 BR/2 BA condo with a nice kitchen so Gorman can cook.  He’s so cute; he has been amassing recipes and working on menus.  Am I a blessed woman or what?

Gorman continues to mostly feel good and we thank God for that.  When we began the clinical trial at UAB, they warned us of the slight possibility that the liver might be impaired and that’s one thing they watch for in his blood work.   Last month his liver function was elevated (I think I’m using the correct terminology)  but then corrected itself.  Now it is up again and we’re just hoping it will improve.  Other than drinking lots of water, there’s nothing he can do and  I don’t know the ramifications if this continues.  I’ll keep everyone posted and we would appreciate prayers for this issue.

We wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Sending love to all and wishingyou

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  2. It was so wonderful to see you both looking so great today at the Christening and after at John & Julie’s lovely house. Your upcoming trip with Grady sounds glorious! Enjoy!! We are all so blessed!

  3. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! As always, you have our prayers! Bob & Susan

  4. Ya’ll are definately a traveling team!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! We will keep you in our prayers and wish you both a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! You will be one of the things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving….. your friendship and your remission. We love ya’ll, Mel and Tommy

  5. Beverly

    What wonderful plans you two have. We are so happy to hear of Gorman’s progress. Our oldest son and his wife are leaving a few day’s after Thanksgiving to move to Fort Collins.We will have to give them Grady’s number . Prayer’s are with you all!

  6. Have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving! Clay and I will spend Thanksgiving here. We and a friend will go to the Grand Hotel this year and we look forward to spending Christmas in Orlando with Michael and Melissa.

  7. You definitely are a blessed woman and all this great news y’all have gotten lately came at the appropriate season, didn’t it? Happy Thanksgiving

  8. Have been thinking about you all and so thankful that you can talk about being in remission. Gorman the chef huh? He probably spends all day watching Food Network and dreams of being On the Chopped show, Enjoy the trip west and the winter wonderland.

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