Watch Out, Lobsters; Here We Come!

We leave early tomorrow morning for 10 days in Maine and then three days in the mountains of New Hampshire.  We have rented a house on the water near Booth Bay Harbor.  Water view and a working fireplace were our requirements.  Does that tell you what we will do?  Sit and read (plus needlepoint for me); look at the water and enjoy a fire every night in the cool weather; plus eat lots of lobster, of course.  And I know my chef, Gorman, will be doing some cooking.   We have been to Maine several times and we like taking little field trips some days and exploring the area.  Other days we’ll just relax and do nothing.

Gorman has completed the latest five-day round of Temodar and has felt just fine the whole time; thank you Lord!  As everyone knows, he usually has a few days of feeling lousy, fatigue and nausea but he has none of that this time and we are thanking God for that.  In the past, because of the clinical trial guidelines, he has had to take the Temodar in the mornings but they have told us that he now can begin taking it at night before bedtime.  That seems to work better, such that he can “sleep it off” so maybe that has helped lessen his symptoms.  Anyway, he has been cooking up a storm and working in the yard.  This is great!

And the best news of all:  at the end of this month, our older son, Charlie, and four-year-old grandson, Ryland, are coming for a visit.  Gorman is so cute;  he is already planning the fishing trip.

While I will probably not have any posts for the next two weeks, just know that Gorman is feeling good, that we are happy and having fun!

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  1. Sounds wonderful Beverly!!!! Wish I could hide in your luggage and go along!!! We enjoyed our week at the beach with our grands so much last week, it has been difficult to come back to reality!!! “Gratitude” is not even a strong enough word that Tom and I are experiencing over Gorman feeling good and enjoying life!! It is what we have prayed for and we truly are thankful. Ya’ll go pig out on Lobster and enjoy those cozy fires and walks along the shore and know your friends are keeping you in their hearts ❤ ❤ and prayers +++… Much Love, MEL and TOMMY

  2. Ellen and Bob Gentle

    Will be thinking of ya’ll, and I say ” Ya’ll “because the first time you say that to them bet they want understand you. Think if it were me saying it. They reall would not understand.
    Love and have a wonderful time.
    ellen and bob

  3. So happy for you two that you can now visit one of your favs! Sounds like a wonderful trip to me! Also want to say that we are so pleased to hear that Gorman is feeling well during this time after Temodar! God is so good! Love y’all! Have fun!

  4. This will be a fabulous trip, and a perfect time of year to be going to “fall country”! Send pictures! And we are so happy that Gorman is feeling well-that will result in some yummy meals from Chef Gorman! Bon Apetit! Ironically we will be in Point Clear this weekend, enjoying your beautiful hometown.
    Love Lisa and Tommy

  5. Have a great trip!

  6. Sounds wonderful!! And delicious!! Lots of happy times ahead–especially visit from grandson!! Enjoy!! Jimmy & Karen

  7. I absolutely love your blog! My husband, Jerry is always asking me if I have any updates on Gorman. I am so happy that he is doing so much better and that you both can go off on vacation and relax and just enjoy one another. Please give Mr. Gorman a big ole hug from us! Love, Charlene Soileau Bolton 🙂

  8. Maine sounds wonderful. I hope you get your fill of ocean views, warm firesides, explorations, and lots of lobster. And topped off by anticipation of Charlie and Ryland. Now this is a fine report!! B

  9. Norbert & Heidi Dalhof

    That is such wonderful news. I am so happy for you both to be able to travel and just relax. Just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy your vista with Charlie and your grandson. It is such a joy to have them around. We had a nice visit with Grady and Philip in Colorado. They are both doing well. Heidi & Norbert

  10. So glad to hear about the fun you are having and that Gorman is doing very well. When Gorman is finished with your lawn you can send him over to my place!

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