Good News

Just returned from Birmingham, where Gorman had a clear MRI, thank God!  Every two months when we hear the results, we just collapse on one another.  It’s an emotional roller coaster but we are grateful that, thus far, we’ve received good news and now we feel that we have been handed another two-month reprieve.

And thank you, thank you to all our friends who pray for us.  What a blessing it is to having praying friends.

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  1. Great news and welcome back. Won’t see you tomorrow but will thank God tonight instead!

    P and S

  2. Hallelujah!! We are so glad to hear this wonderful news! Now you can start packing for that trip to Maine and leave UAB in the dust for a while! Much love, gloria and jim

  3. Fabulous news!!!!

  4. We celebrate your joy and relief. Bob & Susan

  5. Thank you for sharing your good news. Have a great weekend.

  6. Couldn’t have received better news!!! Sorry we missed ya’ll at the beach, We are here now and have had ya’ll on our minds and in our hearts with prayer!!! Sh happy for your news!! Love ya’ll lots!!! Mel and Tommy… I think I am sending on Tom’s user name <}:0) MEL

  7. Steve and Kristen Twedt

    Wonderful! So glad to know this and hoping you both can relax more and worry less.

  8. Beverly and Gorman: Michael and I are rejoicing in your news! If ever we believed in the power of prayer, it is now. Let’s have a celebratory dinner in Boothbay when you get to Maine, O.K.? Love, Nancy

  9. Thank God for your good news. We are thrilled for you. Keep up the good work and God bless!!
    love, Hibbett and Susan

  10. Such wonderful words to hear– “Gorman had a clear MRI, thank God!” Amen, Sister!

  11. What wonderful news, thank you, LORD. Praying Maine is all you hope for and that you thoruoghly enjoy the break.

  12. I am all smiles for you. Much love, gayla

  13. Absolutely wonderful news. So thankful for the gift of each good day. Love you two.

  14. Fantastic report! Prayers & more prayers.

  15. Praise God (literally)!! Wonderful news!!
    Enjoy your trip!! Jimmy & Karen

  16. Thankful for the good report. You both looked amazing in your pic for your anniversary. We were in New Orleans for the Tulane game. Would have been something if we saw you walking down the street!! I know we ran into some folks we knew, even some family (on my side!)
    Continuing to lift you and Gorman in prayer that each report will continue to be a good one! Have a great trip!
    Gerald and Pat

  17. That is absolutely fabulous news! Thanks for sharing , and have a wonderful time in Maine!

    Alane Young
    NS Gulfport office

  18. This wonderful news lifts us all! B

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